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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by timsueshd, May 15, 2018.

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    It has been a LONG time since we have been to Disney and we were more interested in the characters than rides. This time we are interested in the rides and trying to get as much done as possible we are only there for 4 nights.

    I am new to all this making ADR's too.

    If someone could please explain to me how it works to have a early morning breakfast reservation and then go on rides, especially for Magic Kingdom. We are a family of 3, 2 adults and 13-DS arriving the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
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    Most people get a reservation for breakfast at Be Our Guest to get a leg up on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Once you are allowed to leave the restaurant area you should be closer than anyone else coming through the gates. There is no advantage to breakfast at Crystal Palace.

    Generally you want a reservation earlier than about 8:30 for a 9am park opening. Do a forum search for "PPO", pre-park opening.
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    As PP said, BOG is MK is the most helpful for getting on SDMT. CRT will also put you "beyond the ropes", but it's typically a longer meal and won't give you much, if any advantage.

    Other PPO breakfast advantages:
    Garden Grill (Epcot) - Soarin
    Akershus (Epcot- FEA
    Hollywood & Vine (DHS) - Jedi training sign up
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    Be aware that Disney can, and does, change the park hours . Sometimes right up until the day before so you might and you might not have a PPO booked. They do not guarantee it.
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    You schedule a reservation as early before park opening as you can. Get there and rush to eat, then head to a ride. I view it as a fairly expensive FP but people seem to enjoy it since it's done daily.

    AK had no PPO advantage. It's mainly done at MK and Epcot.

    MK: Be our Guest ADR to beat the crowd to 7dmt and/or PP
    Epcot: Garden Grill for Soarin, Akershus for Frozen.

    And say park opens at 9am. If you have an ADR for 8:30, you can enter with the other ADR people at 8am. Usually everyone can be seated about the same time.

    One big thing to watch though is park hours. Hours are updated about a month out. So just because you book a PPO ADR 6 months out, come the day of it might just be a ADR at park opening. It happens all the time where people book say a 8am PPO ADR at MK for a 9am park opening, they don't double check hours, but the day of realize MK a month back had been moved to an 8am opening, thus cancelling out their PPO ADR essentially. So always keep an eye on hours
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