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    I see a lot of posts mentioning bounceback and free dining. Does this mean that you booked a bounceback and then hope to use a free dining code?

    We will be at POP in 3 weeks and I am hoping to book a bounceback for Aug. I haven't received a PIN for dining, but would love to book a package with free dining if it opens to the public. Or do you chose either bounceback or free dining?
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    you cannot book free dining unless it's offered. Those who can book free dining received a special "pin code" in their email that is attached to their name, meaning only they can use it. When you arrive at your resort in three weeks, there may be an offer in your room for the bounceback program, or maybe not. The bounceback is date specific.
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    I booked bounceback last Sept. when we were in Disney and I booked for free dining the first week in Oct. The only dates offered for free dining bounceback were from dates in Aug. through Oct. 8th checkins. This offer was only offered as a bounceback for guests in late Aug. through Oct., I think, my paper is at home.

    There have been some emails and postcards that have had a pin# specific to the person that received the offer. Free dining is usually offered to the public in April for check in dates usually in late Aug. and Sept..

    I hope this helps and I hope you get free dining.:thumbsup2

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