Borrowed point and cancelling-please explain

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Simba's Mom, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Aug 26, 1999
    If I borrow points from next year, then cancel the reservation I made the borrowed points with, MS said they don't go back into the use year I borrowed them from. However, they're good for any reservation this year. So if I borrow points from the next use year so that I can make a reservation at BCV at 11 months out, then I have to cancel the reservation (more than the 31 days in advance), can I still use the points for any other reservation this year at any DVC resort as long as I'm no more than 7 months out? Specifically, I may have to borrow points for the early part of December. However, if DH can get Thanksgiving week off (which he'll know soon), we'll go to HHI then, and I'll have to cancel BCV. Can I use the points I borrowed for BCV, but canceled, at HHI. I know-some people probably think I'm crazy to go to HHI over BCV-story for another day.
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    The borrowed points can be used on any reservation you can make they just stay in the year they are borrowed into and can not be banked
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    Yes, any points returned to the account from a cancellation may be used for reservations subject to normal reservation priorities (11 months ahead at home resort, 7 months ahead at other resorts). Cancelled points may also be banked - subject to normal limitations and deadlines - but borrowed points cannot be banked. Points in your account that are not used by the end of the current Use Year will expire - current points may be banked, but banked or borrowed points MUST be used for a reservation or they will expire.

    Cancellations within 30 days of arrival will have other restrictions since they are in the Holding Account.
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    Thanks for the information Doc. I was searching for this exact information myself. We have a trip booked for the week before Easter, that we may have to cancel. My husband is loosing his job. I will wait just a little longer to see what happens. I have spent so much time over the years here, but basically just to read. It is great that you help so many people. Thank you!

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