booking another from the one your on?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mhb, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. mhb

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    May 30, 2004
    :wave2: Just been reading a few threads and it seems many of you book your next cruise even before leaving the one your on. Do you get that much off if you book while your on? Just need to know if I should bring the BIG credit card (LOL)::yes::

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    May 27, 2000

    U will recieve 10 % discount and a $200.00 dollar ship board credit..

    Look up the price before u Go so u have an idea of what it should cost ... u can even do this at the internet Cafe. on the ship
    Price can change at any time So it is a good idea to have an idea of the price they are offering...

    Also we then transfer our reservation to dreams unlimited and recieve another rebate from them..

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