Bobcat and Cubs - Day three

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    We checked out of the DTD Courtyard by 8:30 am ready move to All Star Music. Construction DTD was a little slow but the ride is short. We were stopped at the guard gate and asked for confirmation but it was buried so they wanted to see some ID. I have always been waved through once they knew you were checking in so this felt a little strange. I know they check at the other resorts but this was a first at the All Stars. We had a new CM, and while she was very nice she was also very slow. She also wasn't very talkative and it seemed to take longer than it probably was to wrap up. After all we were heading to the parks and were eager to get moving. Room wasn't ready yet, ao we checked our bags, parked the van, and hopped a bus to MK!

    By 10 am we are getting our APs, first time for us, and are walking down Mainstreet. After hearing about the Mayor we finally met him, what a character. We had our annual picture taken, actually 4, hoping to get a good one for this year. We got a FP for Buzz and headed over to Space Mountain. Brice decided not to ride this last year but Katie rode it three or four times by herself and loved it so it was a must do for her. I hadn't ridden it since I was about 11 so I was really excited. We waited in the standby line for about 20 min. and Brice wasn't sure he wanted to ride this year either. It was just as I had remembered. So much fun! Brice however said he would never ride it again. Sometimes I'm not sure if he's my kid. ;)

    We used our FP for Buzz and the ride is really looking worn. :( I wish they would rehab this. We would ride this many times in a row if we could, and have. I feel like a kid! My goal this trip is to get the targets on top that spin around. Oops! Not this ride. Guess we will have to ride again. Walked by Small world and there's never a line so we rode it.

    Grabbed a FP for Thunder mountain and then tried Pecos Bills for lunch. The CM couldn't get my credit card to work and I about paniced. I hate it when that happens so we paid cash and I'll figure it out later. The magnetic strip is a little worn and I tried to get a new one before the trip to avoid this problem, but it didn't come in time. A lady tried to push in front of me to order until I gave her the look of death. This would become a pattern this trip. I had heard aboutt he toppings bar and it was astounding! Why hadn't we tried here before. Kate and I shared a double burger because it was so hot and Brice had the kids meal, came to around $13 with drinks.

    We decided to go to the Haunted Mansion and a little boy behind us kept saying I'm not scared. When we saw Mdme. Leota's tomb stone he jumped a foot! In the stretch room the lady next to me was talking away and all of a sudden she turned around and screamed bloody murder. We were by the doors and the CM had walked right behind her. I laughed so hard! The CM even had to struggle to keep a straight face.

    We watched the new parade and the floats were very pretty. But the best part was it didn't use "remember the magic". LOL. After the parade we looked at our pictures and I wasn't too impressed so I have a couple of days to make up my mind.

    We decided to go back to the hotel and get settled in our room. We had a room on the third floor Jazz Inn at the end of the building. The walk wasn't too bad and it was quiet. On night we were even able to see the fireworks from Illuminations from the walkway outside our door. The kids swam for a while and the kids decided they want to see Fantasmic. We made it to MGM about 45 minutes before Fantasmic and we had seats on the edge. Even from here you can see everything. Let's do the wave! There was a family in front of us that had the whole place in stitches. It was very crowded on the way out so we took our time and stopped in the candy store for a treat. As we were standing in line two women almost started a fight. It still amazes me that people think they can cut in line. This trip we had the worst experiences with line cutting than our other trips combined.

    The buses were standing room only but it was worth it. I am very happy with our decission to buy APs already. I didn't feel rushed to try and see everything in a couple of days. We still have an entire week!
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    I have met the Mayor and he is funny - have to agree with you about that first walk down Main Street - thanks for posting!
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    Too funny at the Haunted Mansion. We stayed at ASMu (Jazz) last year too and really liked it there. Sounds like a great day, Bobcat!

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