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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by BuzzAndWoodyBoy, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. BuzzAndWoodyBoy

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    Jun 29, 2005
    We are taking advantage of the 4/3 deal and I just keep debating between these 3 resorts. They are the same price, all of them are available and we are going in June so we'll be able to use the pool. Which one would you book and why? Thanks...
  2. ChanStrong

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Well, I would definitely pick BC or BWI as both of those resorts' rooms have been refurbed. Although, I believe I heard that YC's refurb will begin in early 2009, so that may not matter by the time you visit anyway.

    Personally I picked BWI for our trip. It will be myself and DH (his first trip and he did not grow up on Disney). Therefore, I wanted to pick a resort that had a lot going on and was geared more for adults.

    I stayed at the BC when I was younger and I really loved it, but now I'm older and married and want to try something new.

    Are you traveling with children? A lot of people comment that BC has more families and BWI and YC have more adults. I haven't really noticed either way, but we are looking for something a little quieter, so that's why we picked BWI.

    Also, BWI doesn't have a CS location (although they have the bakery and Spoodles has a pizza take-out window). BC does have CS I believe.

    And of course, BC and YC share that great pool. I really don't like that clown at BWI's pool, but I really don't thing we'll be swimming much in Feb. when we visit, so that did not factor into my decision.

    Have fun deciding. All these resorts are in a great location, you really can't go wrong. ;)
  3. brergnat

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    Sep 1, 2006
    What is the makeup of your party? Kids? Ages?
    -with kids, I'd suggest Beach Club, it's the most "family friendly", with the most kids around and the most activities onsite geared towards kids
    -without kids, I'd suggest YC or Boardwalk, primarily for the more "grownup" atmosphere

    Is a balcony (a full one) important to you?
    -if YES: Yacht Club or Boardwalk...Beach Club rooms do not all have balconies

    Do you need to have a daybed in the room?

    -if YES, Boardwalk and Beach Club are the ones that I know of where ALL the rooms have a daybed

    Is quiet important to you?
    -if YES, Yacht Club

    How much walking do you like to do?

    -if you don't mind walking, Yacht Club will require the most to Epcot, Beach Club will require the most to DHS, and Boardwalk will require the least to DHS, and about the same to Epcot as BC.
    -YC and BC have LONG hallways
    -BWI is a large hotel, also with LONG hallways

    What about food much variety do you want INSIDE your hotel?

    -BC has the Marketplace as well as Cape May Cafe inside the hotel, the Marketplace is good for quick snacks
    -YC has Captain's Grill and Yachtsman Steakhouse inside, but nowhere for quick snacks...must walk over to BC for Marketplace
    -BWI is the worst...NO indoor restaurants; everything is located out on the Boardwalk, which could prove annoying at the least, and downright maddening if it happens to be raining.

    Is swimming a HIGH priority?
    -If YES, YC or BC

    I agree, you've got a tough decision. If it was ME, personally, I'd go for YC. I'd NOT stay at the Epcot resort area and miss out on Stormalong Bay if I could help it. I think the YC is beautiful with all the dark woods; it is very soothing and calm compared to the BC which is always very loud and rowdy in the lobby and public areas. The YC rooms all have a full balcony, and the bus stops at the YC first on the "rounds" so you will usually have a seat. Plus, the marina for the Epcot and DHS boats is at the YC, so it's convenient. To me, the YC is the perfect combination.
  4. Tara

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Don't forget Beaches & Cream at BC (which is basically in the middle of BC and YC). During our BC stays we've had great luck doing an afternoon swim then popping in to Beaches & Cream for a very late lunch or early dinner - there's virtually never a wait at that time. Plus it's one of the few places you can get a grilled cheese sandwich (most signature restaurants make them but surprisingly few others do), and that's very important to our son. ;)

    BC/YC do not have true counter service. BC has the Marketplace which has a small selection of foods - breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, gelato, other light fare. But it isn't a true counter service restaurant like many other resorts have. does have Hurricane Hanna's poolside grill - they make chicken fingers and such. That's about as close to counter service as you'll find, but the hours are much more limited and I don't think they are open for breakfast.

    I love the BWI, but another nice thing about either the YC or BC is that you can get to all the attached restaurants without being exposed to the elements.

    I've stayed at all three and I'd choose BC if I were to stay again. (And I never thought I'd say that! I didn't like it at all at first. Stayed at BWI 2x, then YC 1x and thought it was nice, but liked BWI better. Then I stayed at BC and it was "okay" but our son LOVED the pool. I've stayed there 2x more since and now I really get the attraction to the resort.

    Good luck with your choice!
  5. BuzzAndWoodyBoy

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Thanks so much for the input. We are a party of 5, DH, Grandma (65), 2 DS (7 and 8) and me. Swimming is big for the boys. We stayed in the Swan the last time and they were really disappointed in the pool. They loved the pool at Movies and the commented a lot about the YC/BC pool when we walked by to eat at Beaches and Cream. I haven't seen many pictures of BWI pool so I wasn't sure if it was as nice. I think I'm leaning towards BC. Thank you all so much.

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