Boardwalk rates?


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Mar 23, 2000
Any ideas where to get discount rates on the Boardwalk. The cheapest I can find is $279.00. I only need 1 night.
When are you going? Have you tried a AAA rate or to rent points from a DVC member)
We're going Aug. 3 (the day before our cruise). But I think we may stay at the Swan or Dolphin. DH wants Boardwalk but as part of the Disney Club you get membership in the Entertainment Travel America. The Swan/Dolphin is listed at 50% off. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what kind of a rate I can get from them. I would rather pay $150 a night there than $279 at Boardwalk.
If you are interested in Boardwalk you might want to check out the DVC rent/trade board. You could get a signficant discount going that way over more traditional/through disney way. On second thought I looked up that day and it's a Friday so it would be between 280-320 a night with DVC, probably not worth it.

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