BJ's -vs- Sam's Club


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Sep 23, 2001
Which one do you shop at and why?

We have had a BJ's membership since it came into the area, and my husband just had to get one for his work (he works for Staples and he has to compare prices every few weeks).

BJ's takes coupons but it just seems like everyone prefers Sam's Club.


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Apr 28, 2001
I like BJs better then Costco and we don't have a Sams clubs here in MA or at least I dont think so. :D

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Jan 4, 2001
When Costco blew into town 2yrs ago I got the free membership for a year. I did try and shop there many times but the selection I felt was as same as the grocery store. Not a great food selection.


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Sep 11, 2000
We only have a Sam's Club and a Costco. I would assume BJs is similar to those?


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May 31, 2000
We have Sam's and BJ's. Right now I have a Sam's card because they offered half-priced memberships when they had their grand opening about a year ago. I haven't really decided what I'll do when it's time to renew. I like the fact that BJ's takes coupons. I seem to find more food there that I like too, unless I'm throwing a party and need a lot of good quality steaks or a leg of lamb or something like that. Sam's has better fresh food, like meat, cheese, and party trays most of the time. Sam's also has more interesting things that are just available for a limited time, like furniture. BJ's has a better selection of baby clothes.

To be quite honest, I don't think I get $35 savings in a year, and I may not renew at all. But if I do, I'll probably just go to the one that suits my needs better the first time I need one of them.


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Oct 21, 2003
we have a costco's card...DH uses it to buy alot of stuff for his store, (not stuff he resells) but like paper products, cleaners, printer ink etc...

He has the business card and we get back a % of his purchases. What I don't like about it is the fact it's cash/check or amex...DH has a visa that has great benefits, and we cant use it there.

I did a TON of xmas shopping there, and usually pick up the kids a few outfits everytime I'm there.

The only food we buy are the kids lunch and snack stuff, crackers, fruit snacks etc...

MIL also has a costco, and BJ's card...she uses costco most.

A new bj's opened near here, but it's about 1/4 of the size of the costco we shop at...even though we have to drive to springfield, ma, it's still worth it.



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Sep 21, 2000
I go to BJ's almost every week! I don't know how much I am saving over-all, but I like buying some things in large quantities so I don't have to buy them as often. During my weekly trips I buy things like milk, bagels, cream cheese, soda & juice.

We don't have Costco's, but there is a Sam's Club in Natick. We tried to go in there one day to check it out but they didn't offer a one-day pass - whereas BJ's does.



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Jan 17, 2000
I've had a BJ's membership for years and I feel like I am there all the time. I prefer BJ's to Costco because BJ's takes coupons and some of the things I buy are slightly cheaper at BJ's.


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Feb 18, 2002
We only have Sam's and Costco. I've only heard of BJ's from people here on the DIS, but I didn't realize it was like Sam's. Now I know thanks to this thread.


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Feb 27, 2003
BJ's is wonderful and they are great in keeping up with what foods work and what ones people don't seem to like. They have some of the most unique foods they bring into the clubs from local retailers in the areas the clubs are located in. For instance they have these amzing deserts from one of the best dessert bakers in our area at much lower prices than we can get them in other stores. They also have a much more up to date and friendlier "personality" in my opinion than our Sam's Clubs which are older and seem very dank and dreary. I have had memberships at all three and completely prefer BJ's. I have been able to save so much more money with teir in-store coupons they give out and coupons that I bring in for other products like diapers and wipes.

For some further information - look to their business goals. BJ's has decided to gear their business to the residential customer and therefore are geraing their products to working mothers - like their life-size products which are smaller in size and better for a smaller family like smaller packs of meat and eggs. They also have been getting more ready-to-cook foods that are great for fast paced lifes. Costco has decided to gear to the small business owner more and therefore they don't the aisle markers to tell you what is down each aisle which I love at BJ's. Sam's is trying to do it all and they are not as responsive to customer needs.

OK. I love BJ's.


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Aug 18, 1999
We don't have a Sam's Club, so I can't comment on there, but we had a BJ's first and we were members there for years until Costo came to town.

I didn't need memberships to both places, so when my BJ's membership expired, I didn't renew and joined Costco after having a free month there to check the place out.

Our Costco here is really nice, brightly lit (unlike our BJ's which seemed dull and dark) it's kept extremely clean, the selection is great and the employees seem nicer. I found it kind of odd, but our Costco carries Fendi purses and Cartier watches!

Costco all the way!


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Feb 15, 2000
All we have in our area is Sam's. I've never shopped in either of those other stores.

Wish we <i>would</i> get another store like Sam's. They could use the competition. I think their stock is too limited.


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Jul 30, 2002
I shop at both. different product mix.

Sams has a little more, BJ is more retail focused.

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Oct 8, 2000
We have a BJ's membership. The BJ's does a partnership with our kids school, so any membership bought or sold within a certain time frame the school got a either a dollar amount or a percentage.. (can't remember)..

We were going to renew anyway, so we renewed with the school drive and got an extra 3 months.

Milk, creamer, and lunch snacks are way cheaper at BJ's. Dog food is about $2 cheaper, and they do have a $2 or $3 off dog food coupon so that makes it cheaper.

However, some things are more expensive than the local grocery store... you just need to comparison shop and see.


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Apr 29, 2000
I don't shop at Sam's but do have Costco and BJs Membership.

Costco has better meats and Produce than BJ's. Their meat and cheese section is awesome! Their prices overall are less than BJs too.

BJs though has a better selection of different things with more consistancy in carrying them.


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Apr 1, 2001
We use BJ's. I don't think I can compare the two as I have never been into a Sam's club. Don't know where the closest Costco's is.


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Mar 27, 2002
All we have is a Sam Club. I love to go there. I never heard of the other two.

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Jun 9, 2003
We belong to both!! They each have different strong points. The kids love shopping at Sam's on weekends for the samples too! :teeth: For prices on electronic goods, neither store can be beat!! ::yes::


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