Biggest Loser Fall Challenge!


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Oct 21, 2003
A big BL thank you to Samantha who put the results together for us and asked me to help her by posting. :flower3:

Because retention was down at the end, I just did the top 5 for week 9 and 10. They are as follows:

Week 9:
1. Melissahac99 (Melissa): 2.16
2. Jaina: 1.76
3. indygirl99: 1.32
4 (tie). elleherself (Elle) & Mom2aJessieGirl (Christy): 1.05

Week 10:
1. 6ofus2 (Robbie): 2.81
2. Mom2aJessieGirl (Christy): 2.29
3. DoomBuggieDriver (Kathy): 1.36
4. Flossbolna (Magdalene): 0.91
5. indygirl99: 0.89

1. 6ofus2 (Robbie): 11.48
2. Mom2aJessieGirl (Christy): 10.19
3. DoomBuggieDriver (Kathy): 9.38
4. indygirl99: 7.75
5. CruiseBoundinKY (Karen): 6.06
6. christinascreative (Christina): 5.73
7. Flossbolna (Magdalene): 4.94
8. KDIPIAZZ: 4.63
9. belledreamer (Ashley): 3.26
10. bigsis1970 (Michelle): 2.75

I only pulled the top 10 final from those who weighed in on the final week, because you have to be in it to win it, right?

The final reporting on progress towards goals (to those who reported in on the final week) is:

6ofus2: 130.23
bigsis1970: 51.00
ChelleyB: 10.17
DoomBuggieDriver: 75.00
Flossbolna: 70.83
indygirl99: 150.00
MickeyMagic: 18.00

Congratulations to 6ofus2 (Robbie) and indygirl99 for accomplishing their goals.

OK. I think that's the important part. Congratulations to the 18 who made it through to the end, including myweegirls (Liz) who maintained. All the best to all of you and to Lisa in particular for reaching out to me.
WOHOO! Great results! Nice job everyone! Samantha, thanks for getting the info together even though life is probably crazy right now. Prayers that you and your neighbors are recovering quickly.

Lisa... thanks for taking the initiative and getting it posted.

A big woo hoo :woohoo: and :jumping1: to Robbie for being the Biggest Loser for the Fall Challenge and to the rest of the top ten.
And another big BL congratulations to everyone who stuck it out through what proved to be a very tough challenge. :thumbsup2
It did seem to be a tough challenge for many. And the thread was crazy active at the start, which put off some folks, and crazy quiet at the end, which lead others to drift away. BIG woot to those to stuck through it!:cheer2:


Well.... once everyone has had a chance to see the results, we can call this challenge DONE! See you over on the holiday chat thread!...............P


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Sep 8, 2006
Thanks for posting the results of the challenge!

I must say that I am very proud of myself that I managed to stay until the end and that I lost nearly 5% of myself!

But congratulations to everyone who managed to come out of the challenge lighter than they were at the start - and especially to our Biggest Loser Robbie!!! :thumbsup2


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Sep 14, 2008
I can't believe I made it in the top 10! :woohoo:

And congrats to all our Biggest Losers!!


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Oct 21, 2003
For anyone who hasn't already done so, please make your way over to our holiday chat thread! Casual, easy talking to keep us on track through the holiday season!! Here's a link to get you going in the right direction!!

Hoping to see you all there!........................P


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