Biggest Loser--Fall 2011 Challenge for Losers & Maintainers!!


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Jul 6, 2000
Welcome to the Biggest Loser Fall 2011 Challenge for Losers and Maintainers!
Dates: September 9, 2011-- ~December 16, 2011 (ending date subject to change based on participant consensus).

I’d like to start by welcoming everyone who is new to the BL challenge and to say thank you to the folks who are helping to organize this challenge!

Weight Keeper—Dvccruiser76
Healthy Habits--cclovesdis
Whittle Inches Now--satorifound
Clean Up the Clutter!--BernardandMissBianca and Rose&Mike

We are so happy to have you join us on the BL Fall Challenge! As the leaves drop off the trees, may the pounds drop from your body!!! :cool1: You have picked a wonderful place to get started on your healthy living journey! This is a very supportive and active group. You will laugh, you will cry and hopefully through it all you will lose—all on the way to a healthier you!

It is NEVER too late to join the WISH Biggest Loser 12 Fall Challenge. We welcome new participants at any time.

We will be running the challenge as one team this fall. Please keep reading for more details.

A participant list will be posted on this thread and updated periodically. The coaching schedule as well as links to Healthy Habits, “Whittle Inches Now” (WIN), and weigh-in and goal results will also be posted on the first page of this thread.

Now the details:

1. Join the challenge as a Loser or Maintainer—post on this thread or send me a pm.
2. Jump in and introduce yourself. The challenge will have a coach for the week. The coach will keep things going with comments and a Question of the Day (QOTD).
3. On September 9, PM your initial weight to Dvccruiser76 (Sue). While you are welcome to post your weight in the thread, you still need to send Dvccruiser76 a PM or your weight will NOT be recorded.
4. Maintainers—A maintainer is someone whose weight is within +/- 2 pounds of their original weight. Maintainers should also PM Dvccruiser76 each week. Maintainers are welcome to adjust their maintain weight as needed and are always welcome to move to the Loser team.
5. Please Note: Weigh-ins are on Fridays. The first weigh-in will be September 9, 2011. Each week our Biggest Losers and our Maintainers are recognized. Results are usually posted on Tuesday or Wednesday. Final results are tentatively scheduled for the week of December 16th.

As usual, you do not have to watch the TV show to be a part of our challenge. No one is ever voted off our challenge.

After three weeks of not reporting your weight to the weight keeper you are removed from the challenge but if you decide to rejoin you are welcomed with open arms.

The purpose of the WISH Biggest Loser Fall Challenge is to help you on your weight loss journey and keep us all on track this fall. The challenge forces you to be accountable. Each week you will report your weight to the weight keeper (Dvccruiser76). She is the only person that will know your weight. Your weight will never be published for anyone to see.

We do not strictly follow the dates for the BL show, because our participants like as little gap between challenges as possible. We celebrate those small victories and offer advice to help each other meet the weight loss challenges we face. We get to know each other. We laugh together and we cry together. If you do the work, WISH Biggest Loser Fall Challenge can be your weight loss support system.

You will get out of this challenge what you put into it. If you get serious and use this program it CAN and WILL help you lose weight. As you make choices during the day consider what your fellow losers would do. They would say no to the doughnut at the office but they would find time to get some exercise even if they are tired after a long day. Losing weight is not a 'quick fix'. It takes time, commitment, and lots of hard work. We are all here to help you!

Clippies: Here is a link to the Fall clippie. A big thank you to corinnak for designing our clippie for us!

To add the clippie to your signature, simply right click on the picture. Select properties. Copy the URL address. Paste it in your signature. Add
after the address.

Let's review the components of our WISH Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge.

* Each Friday report your weight in pounds, i.e. xxx or xxx.x to Dvccruiser76 (Sue).
* Carefully review your weight before you send your message to Sue. PLEASE make sure the weight is typed correctly. Is that 166 or 156? Are you at 174 or 177? Misspelling is forgivable, typos happen, let's just make sure they don't happen with those numbers in your weight.
* Weight reports are required to remain in the challenge. After three weeks of no reports you are dropped from the challenge. After being dropped from the challenge you may return by reporting your current weight. We will welcome you back any time you want to rejoin if your drop out for a few weeks.
* You can chatter on our thread even if you don't do the weigh ins.

Again this challenge we will have Healthy Habits and Whittle Inches Now.

Healthy Habits (formerly known as challenge of the week)
* CClovesdis will be our Healthy Habits coach. Weekly challenges will encourage us to develop healthy habits for our bodies and souls. Thank you, CC for being our Healthy Habits coach!
* CC will post the challenge of the week on our BL thread.
* Not every week will involve a challenge.
* Participation in the weekly challenge is optional. You can pick and choose what part of the challenge that you want to do.
* Each challenge will clearly state a beginning date, ending date
* Each challenge will include tasks to perform and point values awarded for accomplishing the tasks.
* It is helpful to print the challenge tasks to refer to throughout the week or use the handy link on the first page of the thread

Whittle Inches Now! (WIN!)
* satorifound will be our Whittle Inches Now coach (WIN). This is our newest component of the WISH Biggest Loser Challenge and another way to measure your success -- by tracking inches lost! Thank you, satorifound for being our WIN keeper!
* There will be several measurements used in this challenge—more details to follow.
* Approximately every three weeks you will take your measurements and PM them to satorifound.
* Your measurements are never posted for anyone to see

We will be adding a “Clean up the Clutter” Challenge this summer. More details to follow. Thank you to Buffy (BernardandMissBianca) and Rose (Rose&Mike).

In Summary:

WISH Biggest Loser Fall Challenge 2011
* One team for fall!
* Participation on the thread is optional.
* Each week a new 'coach' will serve as hostess on our Challenge. Their duties include posting questions of the day, acknowledging posters, posting mini-challenges and offering encouragement. Some coaches may serve for a second week later in the challenge. If you are interested in serving as a coach please PM Rose&Mike. We strive to have a different coach each week so that means lots of volunteers!

So that's the scoop losers and maintainers. To join our challenge follow the instructions given above. If you have any questions PM me.

Remember - If you can dream it, you can do it!!! :cloud9:



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Jul 6, 2000

4Holidays — Loser
aamomma — Loser
akhaloha — Loser
amoggio816 — Loser
AUdisneyDad — Loser
AuDisneyDad Dw — Loser
baby1disney — Loser
bellebookworm9 — Loser
Belle-To-Be — Loser
BernardandissBianca — Loser
BiggPDaddy — Loser
Bosh22 — Loser
buzz5985 — Loser
Carmiedog — Loser
cclovesdis — Loser
ClassicPooh2 — Loser
Cobbler -- Loser
Craftydawn — Loser
Crazy4Disney06 — Loser
Desiree — Loser
dis-happy -- Loser
disneycr8zy — Loser
Disneywedding2010 — Loser
donac — Loser
DopeyDame — Loser
dopey4disney -- Loser
DreamComeTrue12 — Loser
dumbo buddy — Holding
Dvccruiser76 — Loser
EDuke98080 — Loser
Eeyore98 — Loser
elanorasmom — Loser
faith — Loser
Fitgirl36 — Loser
gardenergirl — Loser
glss1/2fll — Loser
goldcupmom — Loser
happysummer — Loser
JacksLilWench — Loser
jaelless — Loser
JaxJags08 — Loser
jillbur — Loser
jimmduck — Loser
karliebug — Loser
kdwrice — Loser
keenercam — Loser
kollerbear — Loser
lavaluma — Loser
liesel — Loser
LilSweetPeaPhoto — Loser
lisah0711 — Loser
LoraJ — Loser
lovehoney — Loser
Loves2Read — Loser
lovetoscrap — Loser
LuckysMom -- Loser
mackeysmom — Loser
mamacate — Loser
MeganAnne — Loser
Michele — Loser
MickeyMagic — Loser
mikamah — Loser
MinaFemme — Loser
MinnieMouseMom — Loser
mom2aidanNpiper — Loser
mommyof2Pirates — Loser
momofdjc — Loser
mvlimmex — Loser
my3princes — Loser
my3princes — Loser
ougrad86 — Loser
pershing — Loser
pickles521 — Loser
pjlla — Loser
pjstevens — Loser
Princess Vija — Loser
rafikifan2911 — Loser
rcpae — Loser
Redcat52 — Loser
RedRosePrincess — Loser
RemembertheMagic98 — Loser
Rose&Mike — Maintain
RutgersAlum — Loser
satorifound — Loser
Seashell724 — Loser
SettinSail — Loser
SunnyB1066 — Loser
Syrreal — Loser
thunderbird1 — Loser
tigger813 — Loser
tiki23 — Loser
tinkerbellfriend — Loser
trinaweena — Loser
WDWorBUST — Loser
wickey's friend — Loser
Wishes n Dreams — Loser
Worfiedoodles — Loser
yanni2 — Loser
yulilin3 — Loser
Zoesmama03 — Loser
zurgswife — Loser


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Jul 6, 2000
Coaching Schedule

8/26--Rose&Mike--Summer challenge ends
9/2--SettinSail (Shawn)--between the challenge
9/9--Lisah0711--New challenge begins!
12/16/2011--BL Alumni Holiday thread starts
  • pjlla

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    Oct 21, 2003
    Hi all! I haven't read anything here yet, but I wanted to "reserve my seat"! I am SO looking forward to this challenge! I've been really struggling this summer just to stay within my maintenance range and I'm not sure why. Hopefully this new challenge and the cooler weather will get me back where I belong! I am starting this challenge as a LOSER!!........................P

    BTW, I am free to coach! I'll PM you!


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    May 25, 2009
    I'm popping over to say hi as well. Count me in as a loser! I've done really well this summer and am excited for the fall!
  • jimmduck

    Going for the duck
    Mar 14, 2007
    Me too. Hi, I am in also.

    Can someone tell me how to post a new WISH journal? Want to start that on September 7th as well.




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    May 11, 2006
    I am in for the fall challenge as well!

    Thank you Janis for being our hostess.

    Thank you Sue and CC for weightkeeping and HH. I definitely want to be more active than I was over the summer.


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    Mar 18, 2007
    Being a coach involves welcoming new people, being a supporter for everyone and posting questions of the day and replying to posts and questions. Though a lot of people help out with the first one and the last one!

    Looking forward to being coach once the kids are back in school this week!

    TTFN :tigger:

    wickey's friend

    I can get older but who says I have to grow up?
    Oct 17, 2001
    I'm in -- thanks to all who organize this. I love the weigh-ins each Friday -- it keeps me accountable. I've lost 20 lbs since Jan 1, and I hope to lose at least another 20!


    <font color=red>Warning: Boring!<br><font color=pu
    Mar 21, 2009
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm definitely in a loser. I lost about 2 pounds over the summer and have about 50 more to go.

    I will be coaching Healthy Habits (HH) for this challenge. I love coaching this and I am working on taking a new/different approach for my 3rd challenge as coach. I usually post the weekly HH on Thursday night.

    Looking forward to a great challenge!



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    Nov 24, 1999
    Count me in as a Loser! :) After a "bad" summer, I look forward to challenging myself this fall to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I love the DIS BL and the TV show! Glad to see it is almost start-up time.

    Thanks to all the organizers and helpers.


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