Beware of Poachers and Look at the Little Gorillas! 3 trips in 1. NEW 7/28! *PTR for Aug.*


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Jan 1, 2014
Hello Everyone!

It is time for a new TR from the traveling mother and daughter team! This trip we added a guest with us. My sister D joined us.

My name is Caroline, I am the chief trip reporter! I absolutely love Walt Disney World and trip planning. I have an AP and try to visit WDW at least 2-3x a year and sometimes more than that.

My daughter is Andi, she is 19 now, however, most CM’s and airport personnel think she is 14! I always tell her she will be happy about this, as she gets older, right now she just gets annoyed! She is also a proud AP holder, (thanks to mom)
She is @JuniorSkipper here on the Dis. She doesn’t chime in much anymore, now that she is busy at College.
Andi and I have been traveling to WDW on a yearly basis since she was 9 years old. We travel so well together and both absolutely love all things Disney. Andi is a huge Disney trivia buff and has great extensive Disney knowledge. She keeps her old mom on the up and up of the most new and cutting edge Disney happenings!

My husband and son do not share our love of Disney, terrible right? I am not sure what is wrong with them, haha! :rotfl:They happily stay home and give us their blessings for all our trips as long as we don’t include them:confused3

My sister D is in the middle of this Disney love scale. She likes it and enjoys going, however, would never want to go more than every 2-4 years. She is not big on crowds and would rather be on a beach for her vacation. My sister never had children so my kids are very close to her and love if Aunty D is coming on a trip!

This trip was from 1/23-1/30/19. We were staying at AKL, standard view.

A wrench was thrown into our trip, unfortunately, 5 days before the start of the trip, I slipped on an icy walkway and tried so hard not to fall that I threw my back out and hurt my left knee! It really sucked! I did my best to work on healing before the trip, however, I was still pretty sore and the trip was not my normal go go kind of trip. My sister was actually glad I had to go slower otherwise she said it would have been hard trying to keep up with us.

Please join me as I write about our adventures. This was a busy week at WDW, I thought it would be a slow week, not so much. We did some new things, some old favorites, and a DAH event at MK! It also was cold for Florida this week so no shorts for us, boo!

We had some good laughs and overall enjoyed the trip, we loved AKL!!

Here we are, dressed for the cold, it felt like fall to us since we are from Northern Minnesota!

I guess I don’t know how to hitchhike, no wonder the pp cm was laughing!

I hope you all will join in on this trip adventure, I will love to have you here reading along.

Stay tuned for Day 1, Part 1. “We can see Zebras from our bed”

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May 15, 2007

I love to read of your exploits with Andi.......

Sorry to hear you hurt your back and knee......I’m sure you still managed to have a wonderful trip though....looking forward to reading more about this one.........and your sister joined you too!! How lovely........

You can really see how much Andi resembles you in that picture with all three of you.......::yes::


Jun 3, 2017
Can't wait to hear about your trip! So nice that your sister went with you :love:

Sorry to hear about your injury! Hope you are feeling better and Disney wasn't took hard on you.
  • valleygirl

    Feb 23, 2005
    Yay, another trip report! I've read your other reports but never commented. My daughter and I took many trips to Disney and left the boys at home. She's 24 and doing the adulting thing so we don't get away together very often anymore. I'll be there next week (part solo trip, part with hubby) and hopefully will get back in August with my daughter. Looking forward to reading all about your trip.
  • Mousemom234

    May 12, 2012
    Following along ! I haven't quite caught up with your earlier trips, but I'll get there.
    You two are an awesome pair, and Andi is so lucky to have a mom who shares her love for all things Mouse.


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    Sep 3, 2008
    Hurray! I was looking at the weather in Florida this week and thinking of you on your trip. Even though it was chilly and busy, I am sure you had am amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)


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    Aug 14, 2006
    Popping over from your last TR. looking forward to reading more. Sorry about your injuries but I am sure you made the best of the situation.


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    Apr 4, 2006
    Welcome back! So excited to read all about your latest adventure. :thumbsup2 I was thinking about you a lot these last few days - how have you been doing with the weather? It's been consistently in the negative digits here in NY, but only barely so.

    most CM’s and airport personnel think she is 14! I always tell her she will be happy about this, as she gets older, right now she just gets annoyed!
    She will be thrilled when she's older!!!

    She keeps her old mom on the up and up of the most new and cutting edge Disney happenings!
    And, consequently, the rest of us too, thankfully! ::yes::::yes::


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