Between the BLs (Biggest Loser) Summer Challenge 2010 Part 1

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Mar 21, 2009
Hi Everyone,

So far no bingeing for the day. It's been a really tough day and I keep feeling like bingeing. I'm IN CONTROL. I'M IN CONTROL!

Ok, I'm also venting and screaming. :eek: Ok, much better now. Much calmer.

Dinner tonight is pizza. I am in my workout clothes and definitely plan to get in a workout sometime tonight. I'm doing laundry now, so probably after dinner.

It was really heartwarming to read everyone's responses to the QOTD. What a great question! I'd donate my $10,000 to finding a cure for diabetes, particularly Type 1. A neighbor (age 11) was just diagnosed making him the 3rd child I know entering 6th grade with Type 1 diabetes.

Sounds like many of us are having a busy day. I know I had one. Tomorrow should be more relaxed, although I have to finish everything by lunchtime.

Off for now...need to work on some laundry and changing the sheets on my bed.

Have a great evening everyone!



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Jul 25, 2008
Just a fly by post. I'm about 2 pages behind, but I'll catch up tomorrow. Looking forward to coaching the last week on the new (old) thread!:goodvibes

Kathy--Have an amazing vacation!

Connie--Measuring sounds great. I wish I would have done it at the beginning.

I slept until 7, ran to the Y for a quick 3 miles on the dreadmill, and then went to work. Stayed at work too long, and now it's time to get ready for baseball and $ beer. My favorite day!;)

I should be able to catch up tomorrow, because my car is getting worked on and I'm stuck at home without one--mostly because I hate driving Mike's truck! Have a great evening!


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Mar 18, 2007
Didn't get in WATP but did walk to the library and back.

I'm starting fresh next week. Just too much going on this week with PMS and cleaning out for Big Bro/Big Sis! I was doing well until I had my cheeseburger Doritos. I'm feeling overwhelmed but don't know why.

Time to get ready for work and hope that my client actually shows up tonight! Don't know why I'm so pessimistic! I'm not normally like that. My mom got on my nerves when I talked to her today. She asked how much I weighed and I refused to tell her except that it was a number I never wanted to see again. She responded by saying, "You had better take it off again!" I was FURIOUS! But who knows maybe I needed it to get my butt in gear again! I will be getting up at 5 with DH and working out. I plan on doing some WATP, some Wii and maybe the elliptical tomorrow. I have to be at work at 9 and then when I'm done we'll go get lunch for the girls, go to Trader Joe's, Market Basket and Target!

Can't wait to listen to the podcast tomorrow! We'll do that in the car while running our errands!


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Jul 6, 2009
Hi Everyone,
So far no bingeing for the day. It's been a really tough day and I keep feeling like bingeing. I'm IN CONTROL. I'M IN CONTROL!
Great job CC you are doing so great this week. You are awesome girl:thumbsup2

Qotd- I would give the money to my friends son charity:

FOP Fibroplasia ossificans progressiva is the disease my friends son was born with it turns his muscle and tissue into bone. He already can not bend his back and turn his neck. He eventually will become a human skeleton unable to move most parts of his body. They are very close to finding a cure. They have found the gene that causes this and are trying different medicines. They found a medicine that has reversed this disease in rats but unfortunately it has also killed some rats as well. Hopefully they find a cure before it is to late for her son.

TGIF tomorrow. Good luck on the weigh in's:goodvibes


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Feb 26, 2009
Another posting fly by tonight. Don't have energy to respond, I just skimmed.

QOTD, without a lot of thought - my church, my school - grade k-1 classrooms are trying to stock manipulatives, centers, etc, science materials. American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and an organization that flies family members to a hospital to see wounded soldiers that have been brought back to USA. I think it's Walter Reid.

Did great today, until I got home. Really tired. Grabbed a bag of carrots, bag of chex mix, got in the recliner. Stayed for a couple of hours. Ate too much chex mix. Not terrible calorie wise, since it was my dinner, but too much salt. I feel it in my body. Hoping I can still post the loss I had this am tomorrow!

Took a nap on the couch when I got out of the recliner at 9, Dh woke me up at 10:30. Did laundry, straightened up kitchen, going to lay out clothes for tomorrow and then hit the sack.
Night! See you on the new thread.
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