Best way to tour parks during Thanksgiving?


Earning My Ears
Mar 18, 2001
We will be touring US/IOA for 3d/3n (staying at HRH)starting Thanksgiving day till Sat. What would be the best way to tour parks? See as much on Thursday, since this should be a low day with everyone at home eating Turkey. Also, what would be a good place to eat for turkey day? Are the restaurants in Citywalk open? How should we plan for Fri. and Sat.? Go early in the mornings, pool in afternoons, parks early evening again? Would this work? We are 2 adults and 2 kids (11 and 8). The 11 yr. can do coasters, but the 8 yr. old not tall enough. Would appreciate all input. Thanks in advance.

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Actually T day is not particularly slow, but since you are staying on site you will have no problem. We didn't eat anything but fast food, so no help there, but I will say that it is a fabulous time of the year to go and with the FOTL privileges you don't hav eto worry too much aobut crowds. It is not anywhere as crowded as most holidys and summer from what I hear.

have fun!

Oops! Forgot to tell you, check the times the parks close because I think they closed at 6 and 7pm each night. Disney seemed to be open longer during that week, but last year it seemed like US and IOA weren't open later than htat, but it might have just been the days we went.

It is so close to your hotel you can easily go back and rest or go to the pool if you like.

Spent some time with friends in Tampa last week and they were telling us about going to one of the parks last year on thanksgiving day (no family around). Basically, they said it was the busiest day they have ever been! All restaurants were open, but if possible you want a reservation.

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