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For those of you with little ones you might want to think about taking a polaroid camera. Take a picture of your kids everyday and keep it with you in case they get lost, that way you know what they were wearing and can give it to the CM for a recent description. You'd be amazed at how much you CAN"T remember when your in a panic. My husband and I do this every year, so far we haven't had to use it, but one year we lent it to my friend and she did, and boy was she glad she had the picture, she couldn't remember a thing except her sons name. He on the other hand described everyone down to grandma shoes. All and all everything was ok, but the CM's were amazed at the picture. Just thought I'd share some advice,be safe and have fun at the parks. :cool:
Thanks for sharing!!!!! :D

Polaroids may be bulky, but it would be worth taking for the peace of mind it would give!

Again, awesome idea!
That is a great tip! They have the smaller (diposable?)polaroids now. They would be perfect for this.

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I never would have thought of this, but this is a great idea!!

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Thanks for the tip. We will definitely be doing this, and l mentioned this to my husband and he thought it is a great idea. We have two children under seven years old, and one of them likes to venture away sometimes. So this would be a great idea, in case the unthinkable happens. Although l have mentioned many times to them about how crowded it may be, l just hope they will realize the danger of darting off out of our site. Thanks again for the valuable tip. Karen
I thought this was a great tip, but we are going to do a bit of a twist on it. We don't own a Polaroid (or particularly want to buy one) but we DO have a roll of film in our camera that we are trying to use up before we leave. So, I am going to take the last 6 or 7 shots of DS in several different outfits. Then, I plan to pack those outfits (t-shirt, shorts, socks) each in their own plastic bag, along with the picture. Hopefully it will minimize stress when dressing for the day, (just grab a bag!) and we'll have our photo of what he's wearing to take with us into the park.

Now, if I can just get him to hold still while I take the picture.... :)

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I had never thought of that. It is a great idea. Here is another one. We as a family have a lot of clothes that we all have the same shirt (mostly ones from previous WDW trips). On the same day we all wear the same shirt whenever possible. That way all we have to do is look at ourselves to see what our daughters are wearing. Now I realize not everyone can do this but you can all wear the same color on the same day or something just to help you remember what to look for. And your child doesn't have to be lost for this to be helpful. It helps you to see them in a store or just walking around if they get a bit ahead of you.


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