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Apr 10, 2001
I am desperately trying to convince my boyfriend to take me to Disney World next year..But he keeps telling me it is no place for people our age to have a good time. We are 25 and 27 years old..But I keep telling him we would have the time of our lives..Well anyway if I can convince him I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what month the park is least crowded and also if you can tell me what resort we will get the most romance out of..
I hope you convince your boyfriend to take you. The 2 of you will have a
great time. For romance, if money is not an issue, the Grand Floridian or
Polynesian are fantastic. Both are romantic and convienent. If your on a
budget, try Dixie Landings. I've only gone in the summertime when it is
too hot and crowded, but from what I've read, September, October, and
between Thanksgiving and Christmas are least crowded. Enjoy!!

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... at least send him a romantic post card from WDW. ;)

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If he doesn't take you, he's missing out on the trip of a lifetime. Does he think he's too young or too old??? Your ages are perfect! Well, any age is perfect for WDW. In addition to GF, Poly and DL, how about Wilderness Lodge or Carribean Beach? How about the Boardwalk or Yacht & Beach Club. I think the definition of romance depends on your personality. Why don't you buy him a travel guide on Disney World for Adults? Also, print out all of these replies and have him read what a fool he'd be not to take you! Good luck.

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