Best PS or Special "event" for 11 year old??


Aug 25, 2004
Last trip to Disney my kids were 4, 4, and 7...We did not do any character meals or PS, just lots of park fun and meals at the hotel. This time around they will be 11, 8, and 8. I would like to do something special, but am not sure what they would think was "cool". I don't think a character breakfast would be too exciting for them. I had thought about Cirque de Soleil, but it's a little too pricey. Any suggestions???
My DS always thought Ohana for dinner was really cool. Picky eaters can ask for a childs menu. ESPN on the Boardwalk is also a very fun place for kids to dine and not very expensive.
I was surprised, but ds (9) loved the character breakfast at Chef Mickey's. The monorail runs through the restaurant while you eat, there aren't any princesses (he's not too keen on them), and he loved the buffet and all the lively activity. We had a blast.
maybe the pirate adventure for the 8yos? is the 11yo a girl or a boy? if a girl, a manicure or spa service might be fun...

personally, i don't think 11 is too old for a character meal, heck i'm 40+ and i enjoy them!

also, our family LOVED Hoop Dee Doo Revue... definitely worth doing at any age!

disneyquest perhaps?

fishing or boating excursion?

The one meal my kids STILL insist on every trip is..Chef Mickey's! They are 19,18,17,16 and 9. It has been and will remain a favorite! They also like O'Hanas (a close second) and the Teppanyaki at Epcot they enjoy as well. SCi Fi for the awesome atmosphere...OK, we're ready to be there! -Gail
Chef Mickey's is best for younger ones, O'Hana's for older ones. Either way, you can't miss. Food is better at O'Han's, but bigger selection at Chef Mickey's.
I have an 11 yo boy, so I posed your question to him. He stated that 'Ohana is the best restaurant and Cirque is the best special event.

I will tell you that I debated on Cirque too, because it is pricey, but I have to tell you I don't regret plopping down the money. It is a mesmorizing experience and one you and your kids would likely not forget. Our DS was 9 when we went, so I think your kids are the perfect age ranges to enjoy this!

Thank you so much (everybody!) for you suggestions. I really think they would love Cirque too, but the cost deters me. Plus we are only there for 4 days and I hate to spend more money on an event outside the parks when we spend so much on park tickets. I am definitely going to look into Ohana and Chef Mickey's. We just have to do something special this time around!
The special meal that my kids always looked forward to was lunch at King Stephan's on our first day at the Magic Kingdom. The theming is fantastic and it is a great and special break from the business of the park. Even the waiting area is fun.
It depends on your child. I don't think I ever read, if your 11 yo. is a boy or girl. For an 11 yo. girl, I would say the afternoon tea at GF. I have a 12 yo. son, and I agree that he hasn't been interested in character meals in years.
:( He enjoys eating at the fine dining establishments. This makes him feel like a grown up. For this trip he chose California Grill, and Artist Point (no surprise there, he always chooses AP :earboy2: ) I just had another thought. :scratchin If you're going to be near one of the resorts that has surrey bikes for rent, my DS begged every year, until we rode them. There's just something appealing about those bikes to most kids. :confused3 Have a great trip! :)


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