Best prices: Publix or Walmart on 192?


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Jul 31, 2000
We are going 4 times the next two years. We will have a car and a kitchen and will cook many meals, especially breakfasts. Who has the lowest prices? and do they have one of those member cards that you can scan and get discounts?

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I think Winn Dixie may be a little less expensive. But I love to shop at Publix. Just like the selection better. If you get a chance go to Goodings at the Crossroads shopping center across from the entrance to The downtown disney area. It has really great gourmet items. And a super bakery & deli. Prices are a little higher than a grocery not in the Disney area. I use to live close to Dublin and if you like Anderson's grocery area you'd like Goodings.
I have not done a compare prices yet - but I think Walmart is cheaper - however walmart does not have the selection that Publix does. I am allergic to Pork - so real ham is out, but turkey ham I can have. Walmart does not care this, Publix does.
Definitely Wal*Mart for the lowest prices, and yes, they do have turkey ham. One of my favorites.
IMHO, they have a selection that matches Publix, at least for me. I found their prices to be approx. 10-15% less than Publix, also approx. 35-50% less than Goodings.
Wal*Mart is only about 3 miles past Publix, so, I don't find it too far to travel to save.


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hi: can someone give me rough directions to one of the Publix grocery stores from the orlando airport. we're staying at bwv, and haven't really bothered shopping that much the last couple trips. before that, tiffany town car did a stop at a publix for us. tia


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