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Earning My Ears
Jun 25, 2001
We sailed Jan. 5th, 7 day magic, Our server was Ferdinand from the Philapines and his assistant was Vicky(male) Ferdinand was absolutely the greatest. He was so nice and so much fun. We were a party of 16. We had two tables, adults and kids. Ferdinand made our trip a blast. The kids had fun with him too. We tipped him well as he worked so hard, never ending!! WE hope you all have servers as wonderful as ours, it was the best part of the trip, at least it stands out for us.
My vote goes to Jelidi from France and his assist. server Willy from the Phillipines!
No we would go for Adrian from the u.k not being prejudice, but he really made it special, and our son thought he was the beeknees.

I have to second the mention of Adrian, and add his assistant on our cruise, Zoltan from Hungary. My girls were so enamored of them, and I felt like royalty from all the attention. Even my husband was impressed!
Jan. 5 2002 sailing Magic

John from Scotland. Really a great guy and treated our party of 8 great. The girls just fell in love with him.

We also had Zoltan as our server on our cruise and he was the BEST!!! He went out of his way to make things wonderful for my special needs DS. We loved him...I can't remember the other assistant server but he was from Canada and again wonderful!!! Has anyone ever had any trouble with their server?? I have never heard a negative statement about any of the servers.

Lisa, we also had John from Scotland and he was fabulous. He and Richard from the Phillipines truly made our cruise memorable!

My votes are for the following Wonder guys:

Jose from Philippines
Donovan from S. Africa
PJ from Australia

We too had Ferdinand from the Phillipines! He was the BEST! He made our trip a truly Magical experience!

:bounce: :bounce: Jules:bounce: :bounce:
Has anyone ever had any trouble with their server?? I have never heard a negative statement about any of the servers.

Our Head Server was not quite what I had hoped for, we had Suri, from Thailand. In his defense, it was his first cruise in that position, but he was very brief and to the point. He was very soft spoken and with his accent it made it very difficult to understand. I thought I ordered soup and got shrimp...of course, it was remedied, but it just wasn't quite the experience I wanted.

Our Assistant Server, Toney from St. Vincent, was delightful. Very attentive and just a delight. He made up for any shortcomings with the other server!
Originally posted by D and Ls Mom
Has anyone ever had any trouble with their server?? I have never heard a negative statement about any of the servers.

I honestly can’t remember the name of our server and assistant server from our 7/28 Magical Cruise. But if I did, I don’t think I would mention them, so as not to get anyone in trouble.

They were both just OK, not GREAT or FANTASTIC, as I’ve seen other wait staff described. We were a pretty disappointed, but not enough to “ruin” our cruise.

The “problems” we had were minimal, like having to ask repeatedly for water, or drink refills. We also felt “funny” about asking for more than one dinner, if we couldn’t make up our mind as to what to have, or if we wanted to try something different. Another disappointment was that my husband, and another friend in our party are both diabetics. Each and every night, we had to ask what the sugar-free dessert was, and then had to wait while he found out. – I can see the first few nights him not remembering, and I know there are other tables they have to take care of, but I would think by the last night he would know the question was coming, and would be prepared. They just didn’t seem to “go out of their way” like I’ve heard others report. We did tip them the recommend amount, but no more than that.

When we cruise again in November, I will post a favorite server question like this to see what servers are on the Magic at that time, and I plan on making a request so that we can thoroughly enjoy all the Magic that DCL has to offer!
We had Rishi as our server and he was terrific. We also had Dennis from the Phillipines and Humberto as the head server and they were both great. Rishi always made sure that we knew what was going on around the ship and where the meals would be, etc. His suggestions for the entrees, etc. were always perfect.
Melwin from India and Cecila!

They were awesome. With great suggestions and so helpful, even when I was feeling under the weather...finding me Mickey Chicken noodle soup. :)
Just back from the 1/13 four day, and we had George from India and Attila from Hungary. They were wonderful. They were very attentive, and made me feel as if ordering four appetizers and two desserts was a normal thing to do! (They were disappointed I didn't get an entree, as well!) (All of the food was delicious!)
Just sailed the Magic on 1/12 and Vlado from Croatia was funny, gorgeous, intelligent, entertaining ... I could go on and on.
Nov 18 Wonder - Prakash from India and Anti from Croatia. Both charming and so delightful. They did such a nice job getting the two kids at our table fed so they could run off and play and leave the adults to talk.
We also had John from Scotland. After a week with him our 3 year old was running around saying "EXCELLENT" to everyone, just like John. The servers seem to be one of the most memorable parts of the cruise.


We still say it. Sometimes the girls will do the eyebrow thing and say EXCELLENT.

The servers seem to be one of the most memorable parts of the cruise.

I think so too



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