BCV studio vs. standard hotel room?


Earning My Ears
Feb 5, 2002
Am eagerly waiting for NY sales to start so we can make our first DVC purchase, at BCV. In trying to figure out point needs, I've been learning a lot from the studio vs 1 bedroom discussion on these pages. But since we've only stayed in regular Disney hotel rooms, 2 double beds, it would be great if I could get a sense of how those rooms compare with a BCV studio---will the studio feel smaller, or is it apples and oranges? Hopeless with the floorplans! Hope this makes sense, Judy
The studios are nice size hotel roms, very nice. They also have the added comfort of a kitchenette.

Still, no where in the ballpark of a one bedroom or larger unit.
Hey, Judy! Haven't seen a BCV studio yet, but have seen all the other on-site studios.

The other DVC studios are gonna be larger than the All-Stars and the Moderates. From a purely square footage standpoint, they are comparable to CR rooms. Of course, in the studios you have to factor in the "kitchenette" items: the little fridge, the microwave, the wet bar.

The studios pretty much win over any of the resort rooms I've seen.

Of course, you'll hear a lot of talk about "I stayed in a 1 BR and I'll never go back to a studio." That's not bogus; the difference is amazing.

Happy planning!
First of all, WELCOME to the DIS boards, Judy! :)

DVC studios are somewhat larger than the deluxe resort rooms. I don't have the square footage handy, but the size difference is noticeable.

Also, with a DVC studio you get a small refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. The second bed is a fold out couch, so if you fold it up during the day, the room gets a lot larger than a standard resort room.

If you never stayed at any accommodation but a studio, it would be an upgrade over any regular resort room.

And if you go to a 1BR.....that's a whole new ballgame! Hard to beat that full kitchen and separate rooms!

Let me start out by saying that I am assuming that the BCV studio will be the same size and set up as the studios at BWV. If you are used to a Disney room with 2 double beds (that would be a value resort or a moderate resort), the BCV studio will seem a lot larger. IMHO, it seems (and in some cases, is) larger than a deluxe hotel room. The studios have a queen-sized bed and a sofa (which can be pulled out into a double-sized bed), a small kitchenette (sink, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker & toaster), and a table and two chairs. It may be JMHO, but those studios seem a lot more roomy and comfortable than a regular hotel room, especially for longer stays.

All that said, now that I've experienced the 2 bedroom units, I am spoiled! Even when it's just my DH and me, I want to stay in a 1 bedroom to get the laundry, the king bed, kitchen and that jacuzzi tub. I'm already trying to figure out how it can be done without adding more points!:D

Best wishes and good luck with your decision-making process.:)
If as previously announced the BCV studios are going to be the same size as the BWV studios then you have the following comparisons:

All Star rooms 250 sg ft per room

Port Orleans and Coronado 315 sg ft

CBR, WL, and AKL 340 sg ft

BWV, VWL, and presumably BCV studios 359 sg ft

YC/BC and BWI rooms 370 to 380 sg ft

GF, Poly, Cont. over 400 sg ft
Thank you all so much. You're all terrific and this is exactly what I needed to know. Really ridiculously excited. More questions later, I'm sure! Judy

I haven't stayed at the VWL studio yet but see that accomodation only has a queen bed and pull out full sleeper. All my trips to the Polynesian the "extra daybed/couch" was more then handy for my family of 4 - 1 bed for DW and myself, 1 bed for DS and the "extra daybed/couch" for our DD. I have noticed in some of the other studios they have this "extra daybed/couch", Question - Has this always been part of the room setup, or did overall membership request this addition? May be nitpicking, but it beats DH sleeping with DS and DW sleeping with DD for properness with the kids. Even the 1bdrm at VWL has this "problem"

I agree Giga...there was at one time a thread on here regarding two double or queen beds in the bedroom and a sleep sofa. I totally agree w/ this idea. We only have one daughter who is still young...she sleeps w/ us in the king bed right now but at some pt we will have to get an inflatable mattress for her. If I'm renting a one bedroom villa, I don't want people sleeping in the living room, kinda puts a damper on the whole "space" thing. :( I don't think members had any input in the studio set up originally but after reading the past threads...it seems alot of the members enjoy the setup as is. I hope in the future they will offer 1 bedrooms w/ double beds for families such as yours :)


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