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Apr 28, 2001
1) when will beach club actually open for business....in other words when will i be able to stay there, and when will I be able to make a reservation.

2) Does anyone know what the per night point costs will be.
I don't think there's been an official announcement but based on what's been posted, it looks like March may be when they'll start taking reservations....I assume for cash as well. The opening is this fall but there are rumblings it could be sooner...mid-to late-summer? The points are expected to be the same as VWL and the preferred view at BWV....there will not be any point differential for views.
per my guide and MS - on Feb 3 CRO (not MS) will start taking CASH ONLY reservations for August - BCV will not be a DVC resort until at least September - MS also say that some of BCV must be sold before they could take points reservation?


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