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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by CaliforniaDreaming, Jun 30, 2003.

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    Jan 27, 2001
    I would love to get a two bedroom unit at BCV for next summer, especially a dedicated unit. Do the dedicated queen/sleeper units have 2 or 3 balconies? Are they the master, living, and bedroom? How about the queen/queen dedicated, 2 or 3 balconies, or just 1?

    And, how about the 2 BR lockoffs, how many balconies and where are they located? Thanks! ;)
  2. Terry S

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    Aug 9, 2001
    Cali..... Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to your question. I would say about 60% of the 2 bedroom units have 3 seperate balconies. There are a few 2 bedroom dedicateds that have 1 balcony that goes the length of the full unit. The units I have been in like this you can not access the balcony from the 2nd bedroom. The balcony expands to the 2nd bedroom, but there is not a door from the bedroom to the balcony, just a window. You can get to this balcony from the door of the Living Room or the master bedroom. I have also seen a 2 bedroom dedicated and a 2 bedroom lockoff that only had 2 balconies, one from the master bedroom and one from the living room.

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