Bathing Suit Sizes


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Oct 14, 2004
Normally I'm a size 4 (sometimes a 2 or a 6 depending on store etc) However this weekend I went bikini shopping and ended up with a size 12 :earseek: . What's up with that?!?! :confused3

Lisa loves Pooh

DIS Veteran
Apr 18, 2004
Can't help you there---bikini's (if I were to ever wear them again which probably won't happen)--I always had to buy larger b/c I wanted the ladies to stay well covered. So that would be my first guess.

As far as "athletic" swimsuits--I always have to buy smaller--b/c they are supposed to fit snug for the water-dyamics (excuse my ignorance--I do mean the water equivilant of aerodynamics).

I think it is par for the course--if you don't want to wear your suit dental floss style--you will inevitably be forced to purchase a larger size.


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Jan 17, 2005
I buy a bigger swimsuit size because I don't want to tug. I'm a 10 right now in regular clothes (sometimes 8) and my last swimsuits were 12s. I bought a bikini too and am working on looking better in it! I bought the little skirt to go with it too which I will wear for now! ;)


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