~*~Band Members Game!!~*~


SeXy ShOrTy
Apr 6, 2001
Someone names a band and the next person needs to name someone from it!! ill start with something REALLY easy!! BSB!
Tantric : Rock Band formerly known as Days of the New, which included Eden's Crush member Nicole, after Nicole left, they fired their lead singer, changed their name and changed record companies

Website: http://www.maverick.com/tantric/

Ill make it easy for ya a members name is jesse

next band:

<font face="Eurasia" size=4 color=deeppink>
Ikaika... haha... nope.... hmm... Jacob (is he still <b>IN</b> the band... oh... <b>I WOULDN'T KNOW</b>... i missed that episode last nite! :() haha... no seriously though.... Dan</font>

<font face="Eurasia" size=4 color=blueviolet>Blink 182</font>
<font color=deeppink size=4 face="bimini">
it's kinda obvious that he didn't quit though... hehe
they played it on a different canadian station here (YTV) @ 8:00, & my mom watched it, but i wasn't home and was planning on watching it @ 8:30 on ABC, i was so disappointed... anyhooooooo.. back to the game...
<font color=blueviolet size=4 face="bimini">

hmm.. Blondie eh?? ummm Deborah Harry (i cheated... i looked it up on the net... cuz i'm BOREDDDDDDDD)
<br></font><font color=dodgerblue size=4 face="bimini">

ok, Our Lady Peace
OMG!! Jacob cant leave!! i like him best ;) lol!! i think hes the hottest even though everyone likes Ashley the best(which i must admit is really hott too) but NO NO NO NO NO!! you all have to fill me in on anything that happens with Jacob because my dad is a TV hog!!
<font face="eurasia" size=4 color=mediumblue>
Hehe, don't worry Amanda! He's not gunna leave, my mom said that they gave him his part back in "Girl" & they worked everything out!</font>
<font face="eurasia" size=4 color=mediumpurple>Anyhoooooooo... back to the game....</font>
<font face="eurasia" size=4 color=crimson>OUR LADY PEACE</FONT>


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