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    Jul 28, 2000
    Doing my tons of laundry but thought I would write a quick report. This was our 2nd cruise, 4 day last year, and yes the 7 day is better. We had a great time. I did not take notes so I will just give the high points and a few low.
    High points and favorites!
    Food- Garlic Shrimp and the lunch seafood buffet, everything else was also good
    Shows - The farewell show, comedian was really funny
    Beaches - Orient in St. Martin (never made it to St. Thomas beach)
    Excursion - 2 flags in St. Martin - Got to see a lot of the island
    Kids clubs - Our 2 never wanted to leave
    And of course Castaway was just teriffic

    One thing that we found that was really fun and I never saw mentioned was the Mickey 200. It was for families I think on Tuesday. You are given a potato, a carrot, wheels, toothpicks and you are told to design a race car. The cars are then run like a Cub Scout pinewood derby. The winner got exclusive pins, but also everyone in the family also got Mickey 200 pins only available at the event.
    Only low points were the rain at St. Thomas around noon and getting to CC later because of sailing around Dale, but we did get to stay later. Also I did not think the band at the deck parties was as good as last year. And of course the pools are too small. But these points did not take away from a perfect vacation.
    Our onboard credits from DU and repeat cruisers were there along with our gift.
    I do have to comment on the dress codes and lack of parent supervision in the dinning rooms. I saw everything from Tux's to tank top and shorts at the formal nights. Saw lots of shorts and some clothing I wouldn't even go out of the house in much less go to dinner in other evenings. But I do not want to start a discussion, just an oberservation. Also kids were left to run wild in the dinning rooms, saw 6 kids fall running out of L with no adults around. This of course did not take away from our trip and it is Disney so kids are great, but come on parents someone will get hurt, and the first thing you will want to do is sue Disney.
    Also told by Cap that a new ship will be designed, with bigger pools, and ready for approval in June, and then 2 years to build!

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