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Mar 14, 2001
I would like some new ideas to collect autographs. I was thinking of a tshirt with a special marker for the tshirt. I would like to find something that we could display in my daughters bedroom. Has anyone got any unusual ideas. Thanks for any suggestions.
One was get a plain white baseball cap (or a white disney cap with a very small design) and a black felt pen and let the character sign the hat. You can hang it on the wall or robe hanger in the child's room.
Allow the character to sign a disney coloring book or story book. If you can get them to sign on their page of the book it's really nice.

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:
Someone on here posted a great idea, they had one of those poloroid sticker cameras and they took a picture of the child getting his autograph and then placed the picture next to the signature. Someone else I think used card board squares that would fit inside one of those small photo albums so that way they wouldn't have to worry about rain.
Others have said they use T-shirts you can't wear them just bring them. Especially if it is a special day or something they decorated them and then used it as a wall decoration. The one thing we do (not creative) we ask for 2 small bags that fit the book and keep the pen and book in that so it is easy to find it and stays clean.

You could also look on the Scrapbook, Recipe site of this board and search for Autograph books...I have read about some really nice books
Have fun!


Can I get an inexpensive autograph book for my kids to take to Disney? I figure I could decorate each one with their favorite characters so that they could be special to each child.
Thanks for all the great ideas I've been collecting. ;)


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