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Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by kwitsup, Jun 26, 2007.

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    Apr 11, 2007
    hello all - leaving is three days. one of the last things to get on my list is some sort of autograph book for my girls - 4 & 6. i really want to make them into scrapbooks when we return, so I love the idea about just having precut cards to be signed and putting the book together later. my question is this... using someone's advice, i bought a mega pack of brightly colored sharpie markers. i was planning to cut various colors of card stock to be used for autographs. for those of you veterans offering advice to us rookies, would you think it would be better to just use plain white card stock for each autograph with a different colored marker on each one, or different colors paper and markers. i know this is a silly question, but i don't want to be adding a post to the "what i would do differently" thread two weeks from now because i screwed up my daughters' books on their very first visit to WDW! thanks so much! i am making my shopping list right now! karen
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    I cut mostly off white cards (not a big fan of white) but did a few color specific cards. Like teal for Jasmine, pink for Mulan and Sleeping beauty, light blue for Cinderella.

    You can always mat the white or off white with a colored cardstock when you get home. Which will punch up the colors a bit.

    Have fun on your trip!!
    If you have anymore questions someone is usually around most of the day. I am usually here late into the night.

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