Atlantis Preview Tonight


Pin Pics Graphics Dept.
Nov 26, 2000
After Tarzan on ABC they are having a preview of Atlanits, the next animated feature due out in June. Tarzan started at 7pm EDT. See you after the show!
Oh, my...

With a new Simpsons marathon on tonight, I can't even touch that remote... :mad:
I'll try to catch the one on Atlantis, though.

Wanda :p
COOL!!! Thanks for letting us know. It's just 5:53pm here right now but I will try to be in the room and ready to watch the preview. They have posters in a few places around the property here at the DL Resort and we saw some of the cool preliminary artwork on display at the Disney-MGM Studios in January. This movie seems like it will be really exciting. Can't wait to see the preview...AND new pins!!! :D

OK I'm going to stick to drawing! That's strike 3 this weekend!!

Yeah, It's basically a few "commercials" through out the movie. Guess that's their new trick to get you sit throught eh whole movie. Sneakier than some of the Villians they create.

What I saw does look cool though!!!


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