Atlanta: Bypass or not


May 5, 2000
Ok all you Atlanta experts I need your advice. Will be driving through Hot Lanta Friday 5/4 (on my way to WDW of course) sometime between 12:45 - 1:30 pm: do I drive straight through on I75 or take the bypass? I know it's a lousy time, but can't be avoided. I work until 1:30 am, the earliest I can realistically leave Nashville will be aporx. 7:30 am local time which will be 8:30 Atlanta time. Thanks :rolleyes:
Stay on I-75. Since the Olympics Atlanta is setup so that the trucks from all 3 major Interstate highway's must use the bypass (I-285). Results are a tremendous number of trucks on 285 - a significant number of Atlanta's bad truck/car wrecks are on 285. 75 also has HOV lanes all the way through. I commute all the way through Atlanta twice a day. At that time of day, you won't slow down.

Don't be late though. If you don't hit Atlanta until 3 (till about 6:30) - you'll slow at the point where 75 and 85 come together until past Turner Field (Georgia Ave. area) then again at 285 on the South side and again at 675. Even at that, I'd still go through and not go 285.

Have fun,
I have to agree with Matt. We always drive right through on I-75. Of course the best time to be going through Atlanta is around 3:30am, sometimes this can't be avoided! LOL!!

I'm sure you'll be fine. Have a great trip!
oh my god if you can avoid it then do it! what amess it is down there! holy mackeral when I had to drive it last nov I swore I wuld never do it again!

I usually avoid the bybass, too, but tune your radio to an Atlanta station before you get there. They usually don't do regular traffic reports durning non-rush hour times, but they will usually tell you if there is a bad accident. You can change your route if you know you're going to run into traffic.
A lot of traffic by the airport on the bypass also. Take the downtown route. It gets nightmareish at 3:00, but it isn't too bad during mid-day.
that route is shorter than 285 (and as someone else posted, trucks must take 285). The far left lane on 75 through Atlanta is the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) for those traveling with 2 or more persons in the vehicle. You will likely sail through Atlanta at that time of day, especially in the HOV lane. When you get to Macon, GA (about an hour south of Atlanta), take the Macon bypass. I believe it is 475. The Macon bypass is a shorter route than staying on 75 through Macon. Macon is not a huge metropolis but 75 veers off a staight path to Florida to go through Macon. The bypass will get you to WDW quicker. Have a safe trip! Pamela

:bounce: May the force be with the TiTan Fan going thru Hot Lanta!Good luck and have a safe trip.


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