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    what are some of the things I should definitely take advantage of?

    We'll most likely be taking trips every other year, for probably 7 to 10 days at a time.

    We are dining plan users.

    We are military, and buy our tickets on post. (I am hoping that they extend the newest offer... we'll be going in October and the use month for the current four day passes ends in sept!)

    What should I do or get, etc. that will benefit us the most?

    I know that this is a very general post, but I've been reading about AP's, and table service, conceirge, mousekeeping costs, etc. and don't really know what I should utilize and what I shouldn't.
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    First of all, thank you so much for all your family does. Second of all, welcome to the Disney family!! Now.... to me, member services is a huge help. I'm a pretty new member myself. We bought annual passes because we went last November and plan on going again this coming August. Since you will be going every other year, I don't know that it would be beneficial to you. However, they will tell you what is most cost effective for you. 1-800-********. The great thing about calling that number is that it is usually answered pretty quickly and they have always been very helpful for me at least. The DDP is great even as a DVC member. We went to Disney World for years before becoming members and the DDP was something we didn't want to give up, so we didn't. You just plan you trip and tell them you want the DDP. You have to tell them at least 48 hours before arriving, but you don't have to pay for that until you arrive. Of course, book your meals 180 days in advance (again through member services) to be sure to get what you want. We book our reservations 11 months in advance because we stay at our home resort. If you know you are going to be able to do it, book it as early as possible. Again, member services really is helpful and if you have more specific questions, the folks on disboards really are great, too. There are a lot more experienced DVC people than myself. Welcome home!!
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    :) If you are eating at a restaurant that is not on the DDP or not using the DDP at all...just whip out ye ole membership card and you will get a discount. Most servers ask this up front. We were on the DDP and got 10-15% off meals at Planet Hollywood and Fulton's.
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    Welcome Home!
    I thought I would pass some tips on regarding making use of Kitchen etc. I highly recommend They deliver to WDW resorts, you can order groceries from home well in advance of the trip. We like to go back to the villa for lunch or a snack, not to mention eating breakfast there.
    You will get a couple filter packs of coffee upon check-in.(as well as Trash/Towel and Mousekeeping service) I bring Maxwell House filter packs from home. They're convenient.
    You will get a Single use box of Tide upon check-in.(as well as Trash/Towel and Mousekeeping service) We packed Purex 3 in one sheets from home. They're really convenient... put sheet in Washer(has Detergent & Fabric softener) and then transfer sheet to dryer.
    I also suggest purchasing a refillable souvenir mug at your resort. You can fill up anytime throughout your stay.

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