AP Voucher nicer than AP?

Terry S

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Aug 9, 2001
I ordered our AP vouchers last week (with the DC discount) for our upcoming trip this year because I was worried that the price would be going up soon. They came in today and they are nicer then the paper/cardboard AP. I am not sure if this is new or if this is the way they have always been because I normally just buy my AP at the park. This is the first year I have ordered the vouchers ahead of time and it is a nice plastic card just like a room key. Does anyone know if this is always the way they have been or are they going to change the pass too?
They must have just started doing this. I renewed my DH's annual pass (with DC discount) on January 3 and received the usual stiff paper/cardboard voucher by return mail. Hope this means the actual activated pass will be more like a room key/plastic credit card. That would be so nice. :)
The first Ap's we bought, way back when, were laminated plastic like a license. They also had your picture on them. They were so much more durable. My kid's paper AP's always look kind of mutilated by the time the year is over.

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