AP rate w/o dining versus AAA rate with dining?


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May 25, 2005
This is probably a subjective thing, based on preferences rather than strictly prices, but I thought I'd pose the question anyway:

Generally, what are people's preferences: AP rate w/o dining or AAA rate with dining? Specifically, we've got a family of 3 adults, and two under-3s (twins, age 2). I originally did up comparison budgets including only our family of four, and I was leaning towards the AP rates and controlling our own choices. We aren't big eaters, find American portions large, don't do many desserts, and do light breakfasts in room or out of cooler bag in park. Not sure if the addition of the grandparent changes the analysis, so I'll include both numbers (They might have their own room and thus opt out of meal plan)

So....per night, taxes extra:
moderate at AAA rate with food plan? e.g. POFQ $119+$70 (or +$105)
moderate at AP rate, DDE only? e.g. POFQ ~$99 +$85 (or $120)
deluxe I on AP rate, DDE only? e.g. AKL or WL, $125-$205 + $85 (or $120)
Deluxe II on AP rate, DDE only? e.g. CR, $175-215 + $85 (or $120)
renting DVC points for studio or 1-bd no AP, no DDE?e.g. BC $90-200 + $75-$100 (would probably use kitchen so slightly lower food costs)
Swan or Dolphin, government rate e.g. $170/nt + $85 or $120

Or, a combination thereof?

What would be your preference, and why?

TIA! /me keeping fingers crossed that a grandparent can be suitably enticed to come with us, as we need the extra hands with two active two-year-olds to enjoy a 'vacation'!


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Jan 5, 2003

Grandparent here, with some experience; we took ONE 20-month-old a couple of years ago, but had two other (older) kids and 7 adults along to keep up with the toddler.

I wouldn't even consider trying to change resorts. Pick one, settle in for the duration. I know I've read the the PO resorts have nice size rooms. I'd also skip any consideration of the dining plan if you aren't big eaters; you certainly aren't going to be able to have any lenghty meals.


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Jan 15, 2005
Also, review the list of restaurants you can use DDE at and make sure it is cost effective. It will cost you $50, but if you only save $55 it is not worth it. May be better just to stick with the 10% discount you get with APs.

For us, I do not think we could eat for less than $70 a day for the two adults and two under 3 years old. We are planning to do the dinning plan and then take our desserts to go. There have been reports of people ordering muffins and such as a dessert to go. That sounds like a plan for me. Our snack credits will be used for water in the parks.

You may want to check out the Restaurant board for more info of how people have used DDE and the dining plan.

Best of luck with your planning.


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