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  1. MidwestMulan

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    Feb 6, 2009
    So, we have stayed at POP before in the 50's section and LOVED it, but am debating doing POP again or trying out AOA-LM for my DD-3... this will be her first trip. My concern is the references I have seen to how long the walk is from the LM buildings to the busses and Main Buildings and the lines in the Food Court. Is the theming worth more than the inconvenience for those of you who have stayed there before?
  2. JennyDrake

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    Aug 8, 2000
    Having stayed at both just last year, I would go for Pop hands down. AoA is an INCREDIBLE resort. The theming is magnificent. I am a runner and let me tell you, it was a HIKE to the food court/main building. I am used to walking, but it was a hike. Rather made the refillable mug a waste of money.

    The food court was bedlam. Noisy, messy, slow lines. Food is OK--nothing great, but nothing terrible. The food "sounds" better than it tastes.

    I would stay at Pop then walk over and tour teh resort. The walk is quite lovely.
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    There is a whole thread on here about AOA and a lot of different opinions about the walk. Most agree it is no more than 10 min. and less for some people who walk faster. We are staying there in Aug. and my nephew will have just turned 5 and will still have a stroller so he can jump in there if he doesn't want to walk back to the room. With a 3 yr. old I'm assuming you will have a stroller for the parks anyway.

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