Anyone's DS still have their state's pin?


Earning My Ears
Oct 21, 2001
Our DS store in Houston is still carrying some of the Texas flag pins,

just wondering what other states still have flag pins available?

The two stores on Oahu are bare. Picked clean. Of course the one on Maui is empty too. Sold out.
The DS here in orlando(florida mall) still has a ton of the state pins. i was there doing some last minute christmas shopping and i was wondering if they did and well they do.

Mr. Peachident
My friend was at her DS in CT at the Bucklnad Hills Mall and she said they were sold out as of Monday night.

I will find out about the Braintree Mass store tomorrow!- as of 12/19 this store is out of them!!

Not sure but I believe CT is sold out. I know Meriden and W. Hartford are. I do know RI is out.
I stopped at The Disney Store in the Burnsville Center in the Minneapolis area tonight and they still had about 10 Minnesota pins on the rack.

Lee B
The two Disney Stores in Maine both sold out of state pins on Saturday. From what I was told , each store got 3 boxes of pins. ( 144 all together).

there are still a couple of stores in the Phila. area that still have PA state pins.
I checked my Disney stores today and they were sold out. :( I guess I should have gotten more last Saturday, but I wanted to be fair to everyone.
I was only going to get four Washington State pins for trading & friends but the CM @ TDS charged me for instead of having the others waiting in line (long) wait any longer I just grabbed the two more.
I believe the stores around here are now sold out....
The store in Lancaster PA still has some on the rack. I heard we got quite a large quanity!

I was just there Wed. night.

Anyone need any!

Been to the DS several times this week and called several of them and NO NY pins. YET

Would like to get several more to trade for other States.

Been to 3 seperate California Disney Stores this weekend, and each of them had LOTS of state pins left. The CM at the one I went to today told me to buy as many as I want because they had lots left! Anyone need a California still?
I would have much rather the stores stock back up on state pins than start a new series.:(
The DS in Huntsville AL and Franklin TN are both sold out here


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