Anyone taken children out of school more than once in a year?


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Jul 14, 2000
We have three girls, 6 mos., 3 and 5. The 5yo is in Kindergarten and we took her out of school for a week in November for a trip to WDW. Technically she only missed four days because one was a Teacher Institute Day. We have a chance to go to WDW in May but I'd have to take her out for six days. Her teacher was supportive of our November trip but I worry she may not be so supportive of another trip. Has anyone done this? How have the teachers responded? My daughter does very well in school and, other than 1 sick day and vacation, has not missed class.
In kindergarden,I say go for it!! We took DS out for week long trip this year in 3rd grade but would not do that twice now. Kindergarden however is another story. I would not hesitate. We took our DS out for a fall trip when he was in kindergarden.We never dreamed he would miss another week a month later for surgery and another one in the spring for a bad case of the flu plus the occasional sick day all kids have. Point is, it did not hurt in the least.He has always stayed a mostly A student. By May, most kinidergarten work will be review anyway. I would not do this however after kindergarten.

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I'm in the same position -DD in first grade. She missed 3 days in Dec because of a trip to WDW and now we've just booked another for March and she'll miss 2 days. I really wasn't thinking, because she'll miss 3 more days in May because of nieces graduation in VA. I keep telling DH - Just don't let her get sick. If these 8 days are the only ones she misses, it won't be too bad, but if she gets sick - I really don't want to have to face the teacher.
I'm in the same situation. My daughter is in 1st grade. She missed 8 days in October for Disney. We are planning to go again at the end of May and she will miss 5 more days. I am a little nervous about telling her teacher.

Tell the teacher, but if she's a good student it shouldn't matter. I agree that it would be rough in later years.

For example, we're planning to take DS out for four days in May. We have a wedding to be in and Orlando is close enough that we just can't pass it up. :) Well, we weren't planning on DS getting the flu. He missed six days of school a couple of weeks ago. He was really, really sick and had to wait until he went back to school to start doing make-up work. 21 pages in a workbook, 10 pages of homework, and two tests, not counting the spelling tests! in 2nd grade! He's at the top of his class and it was still hard for him to catch up.
Brermom, I know this is not the forum for this but IMO that much work in one week of second grade is just wrong. These are babies, for goodness sakes. They shouldn't be innundated with this much work. It's crazy. As to the opening poster, yes I would take my child out of kindergarden. They need to be with their families more than in school.
It sure is a lot. The state has such high expectations of what the kids have to learn at each level. The teacher has been really nice about the make-up work, though. She had to have report cards finished a week ago and he's still not done with last quarter's work. She said it was fine. He's still responsible for the material, but she based his grades on his completed work.

We're also taking his sister out in May. She's in 5th grade. I can just imagine how much work she's going to have to make up.

well I say go for it. I have ds in 3rd and dd in Kindergarten. My work doesn't really permit me to take family vacations in the summer with the kids, so I take them in the winter. On the same token I don't want to go when everyone else goes. Therefore...we went down in November for 14 days, they missed 3-½ days & 5 full days, just did a cruise, they missed 4 days, going one last time in March where they will miss 3 days. My DD is ok, it's just kindergarten and the teacher is also a DVC member, so she understands. The 3rd grade is tougher, he is a good student, but it still takes a toll on him. The teacher isn't too happy, but that's life ini my eyes. Nothing is more valuable than family time on a family vacation. I don't think that I will be able to take him out as much next year, 4th grade will be tough they say. But for now - we go!
))Pluto your philosophy is exactly that of our family. A vacation with the family is much more important than missing a few days of school. 3of my 4 kids are excellant students the 4 has some learning problems in language arts but with a little extra help he has survivied just fine.

We will be pulling them out again in October for a week. One of the last few times my oldest DD will we in 6th grade. 8th grade would be the last time I would pull her out of school to vacation as I think when she gets to high school (ahhhh in 3 yrs:eek: :eek: ) we won't pull her out at all as it is to much to miss.....

To the original poster I would say go for it........
Always remember you are your childs parent :) Some teachers like things to go a certain way all the time, some will be supportive of you. Their opinion doesn't matter that much, it is your child. If you are comfortable taking your child out of school, take them out.
DS is in 6th gd. When I approach his teachers (3 of them) I just tell them when he will be out, ask them for the work ahead of time so he can get it done and go happily on vacation. He is in an advanced class so it does take him a few extra days to catch up, but he feels it is worth it. This year he missed a week in dec and will be missing another 4 days in feb.
After a few families at DS's school took vacations last year, a memo quickly came home that all early dismissals due to vacations or leaving early a day to go to WDW are unexcused! The kids are at a young enough age where they actually say why they are leaving early. :D
I think that most schools have the pollicy that vacations are unexcused absences. Ours does but all that means is that it goes down on your child's record that way. It never has stoped us and it has never effected DS's grades. If they are not allowed to make up the work on unexcused absencens, that might be a different story, especailly in upper grades.I don't think that when your child is accepted at Harvard that they will care he had a week of unexcused time in elementry school to go to Disney World. We would never ask DS to lie about where he is going, but we stand our ground as parents too.Check to out to see exactly what unexcused means.

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BTW-AS a teacher ,I have to take personal days and get a sub lined up and it is still worth it to our family to go off season.
BTW-AS a teacher ,I have to take personal days and get a sub lined up and it is still worth it to our family to go off season.
I have to line up the sub, but I'm not allowed to use personal days for vacation purposes. We're going to detour to Disney after a wedding and I had to apply for permission to be absent with unpaid leave. It's still worth every penny for family memories.
What a great post as it help alleviate some of my guilt! I took my daughter out of school (1st grade) for 4 days in December as it was probably the only time we would ever be able to travel with her best friend and mother. We are planning a family trip in April and she will miss 5 more days. She is young and we need to work with her to help her keep up with school so I have been keeping my fingers crossed that she would not become ill, but lo and behold she has a flu like virus this week!

The school strongly discourages this of course and we get the form letter from the principle lecturing parents, but I feel strongly that family vacations are bonding and more valuable then a few missed days of school. We will reach the point in a few years when it will be too difficult for her to miss the time, so I want to enjoy these trips while we can.


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