Anyone take a cruise from US/IOA?


Feb 9, 2000
I am talking about a REAL" cruise ... like "Carnival" cruises... I realize their port is actually in Port Canaveral... I am very curious as to how I would go about booking this myself or at least some of you can tell me your experiences of cruising AFTER a few days in IOA/US. Would LOVE some R&R after hectic days at the parks... :D ;) <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">


Barry Hom
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We have done two Cruise vacations after USF/Disney visits in the past two years. It's really very easy to book on your own.

Port Canaveral is the closest - less than an hour away. Disney does their 3/4 day (Bahamas) and 7 day cruise (Eastern Caribean) and Royal Caribbean runs the Soverign of the Seas (Bahamas) on short runs also. In 2002 Carnival adds a brand new ship, the 86,000 ton Pride, to Port Canaveral on 7 day Eastern/Western Caribean cruises.

I would not recommend some of the smaller "no name" cruise lines. You get what you pay for.

Miami is also an option. A large number of cruises depart from there and you can make the port by noon when leaving Orlando in the morning.

In most cases a car helps (Miami for sure), but transfers do exist.

Lou Del Vecchio

Carnival Julbilee 10/88
Carnival Celebration 10/90
RCCI Monarch 4/95
RCCI Soverign 4/99
Disney Magic 8/00
Carnival Spirit 9/01 (Hawaii - sorry kids, adults only this time)
Disney Wonder 12/01
With all the bad press lately.. and the number of first hand experiences we've heard from friends, the general concensus amoung Floridians (In my area atleast) is:

Never ride Carnival Cruise Lines

Just a thought..
Went on the Disney Magic last year (5/19-5/22/00). It was GREAT!
I made all the arrangements myself. You can either call the cruise lines or do it on line.
Carnival has had a lot of bad press lately, but just like the parks accidents are rare and when one occurs they are siezed by the media.
Given the number of people who cruise, and attend parks the odds of something happening is miniscule.

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We did the "Disney Cruise" a few years ago. Cost way more than I think a cruise should be. The ship is a beautiful piece of work. Our veranda room was exceptionally wonderful. The food was the "pits" to say the least. The shows were originally unique and enjoyable...but I can not justify the cost of this trip. I just never felt a $5000 warm and cozy feeling about this trip. I left it feeling like I just wasted a bundle of cash....even though we had a some what of a good time. A good time can be had for a lot less money. So I guess that is why I felt this way.


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