Anyone have a cure for Disneyitis?


Earning My Ears
Feb 20, 2001
DH and I have it really bad. I think we are more excited then the kids. Neither of feels like working. We just want vacation to get here already. The kids are being much more patient. Ever since we started planning this trip, most of our friends are telling us DD is too young (almost five) and she won't remember it. We keep trying to explaint to them that this trip is as much for us as it is for them. Our older daughter is 8 (almost 9), and we want to take them while they are both young enough for us to do all the little kid stuff with them. What the youngest does not remember, we will. We plan to go every two or three years from here on in. There will be another trip for her to remember better. We went to Disney on our honeymoon 10 years ago, and I can still remember DH and I trying to imagine what it would be like going back with our kids. Low and behold. it's that time already. Anyway, DH and I have Disneyitis so bad it isn't funny. Of our entire family, I think DH is the most excited. It is quite funny, he is a big, burly, rustic contractor all excited about going to Disney. We are both trying to work a little extra for some extra money for the trip, but neither of us can concentrate we are so side tracked. Please tell me we are not the only ones.
You would think the cure would be to go to WDW, but that just exacerbates the condition!!! The more we go, the more we want to's a vicious cycle!:p

One of the most enjoyable trips for me was when my DS had just turned 5. He was old enough to not whine and not get too tired, but he was young enoughto really enjoy the experience!

He remembers this trip thru the videos & pics we took. You will have a fabulous time!
There is no known cure for Disneyitis! If you go to WDW, you'll want to go some more!LOL I hope your vacation is for at least a week.

As for your kids' ages, thank goodness you are finally getting down there. Dh and I are/were Disneymaniacs and have taken our children since they were infants. My children do remember their trips. They might not remember when they are adults, but so what? We will. And it is so cool to see their reactions to different things at a young age. You'll all have a great time.

;) Sharon
I remember parts of my first trip to Disney when I was 5!!!!!!!!! (And that was quite a bit ago!) So I know you're DD will remember hers for quite a bit. If your friends think she is to young, then they really wouldn't understand why we took our then 14-month old last Nov. We just couldn't wait to introduce our DD to Mickey, Minnie and the gang. She loved every minute of it and so did we. I know you will all have a blast.

As far as Disneyitis - as others have said there is no cure, you just need to start planning for that next trip right away when you get home. I only found these boards two weeks b/4 we left for our Nov. trip and now I spend so much time on them even though we have no trip planned. I guess I'm living vicariously through everybody elses trips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun planning and counting down!!!


I have it too!! If you find a cure don't tell me because I don't want to be healed!!

We took our kids for the first time when they were 3 and 5. Many people told us the same thing and my response was twofold. First- we are taking them at these ages for US not them. We want to see the magic in their eyes and the excitement of meeting MM without knowing about the "guy inside." Second-the cure for them not being old enough to remember is that we'll take them back again and again and again and again.

In fact yesterday I started brainwashing them by saying that when they get older we'll get a timeshare so that they don't have to pay for lodging when they grow up, just bring their families back with us. (I've already been working on my husband about moving to D and working in the parks during retirement. He says NO WAY. He must not have as bad a case of Disneyitis as I do.) Have fun and don't listen to the Nay-sayers. Enjoy your sickness. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
Originally posted by smarro
Of our entire family, I think DH is the most excited. It is quite funny, he is a big, burly, rustic contractor all excited about going to Disney.

LOL! My big tough DH the police officer, gets tears in his eyes when we talk about our last trip to disney! We are taking my nephew on his first Disney trip and DH is so excited!!! Way more excited than DN, but then again you just can't fathom Disney until you have been there!

DH even wants to move to Orlando, but my family lives here. So what if I am 32, I don't want to move that far away from my mommy and daddy! Plus I think the summers would be unbearably HOT. I told him that I would be willing to retire there if we could summer somewhere cooler!
I had cured my Disneymania until I just took my Feb. 10th cruise on Carnival cruiseline flying into Orlando, leaving out of Port Canaveral. It was so hard being so close to WDW and not going. I have been planning my next trip to Disney ever since I got back 2 days ago.

This next trip my Sister and her husband and there 2 kids(ages 7 & 2) Will be joining us. I am so excited I can't wait. But I have a whole year!!! Lord grant me patience!

It has spread to Chattanooga, TN! I will be going for the time ever in October, along with DH, our four boys, and my mom. What I want to know is my WDW trip going to be foremost in my mind until then as it has been for the past two months (when DH agreed that we could go)? It seems that I am constantly seeing things and saying "that would be neat to take on our trip", or I'll hear of an idea, and thing "that's a neat idea for our trip", lol

I am just so excited about the trip. I have waited for 33 years to go, and now we have less than 8 mths to go! I really do hate to wish away the rest of the year, but I am soooo ready for OCtober! :)
LOL! It gets worse as you get closer. Now we can't believe it is only 10 days away. We originally planned the trip for last October but had to move it until now. I am already worried what I am going to do with all my extra time when we get back. I guess I will start planning and saving for the next one. Now is a great time for you to start bargain hunting for things for your trip. I bought a little bit at a time. The last two months I have been a bit obsessive, but it will save us a ton of money once we get there. I got amazing bargains on things I would have never thought to buy until we got there if it wasn't for the boards. We are driving and almost looking forward to it because it will give us time to change gears completely on the way there, and we have left plenty of time on the way back for a stop or two or maybe even just a relax day at a hotel on the way home. It would just be nice if either one of us could concentrate on work a little more and make a little extra for the trip. The next time, I am just going to plan on this terrible case of disneyitis for the last month or two so I can enjoy it more. I guess you just have to remember that planning is half the fun.
Hi I have it too.. i have a bummer sticker on my computer that says
and i have decided NOPE there isn't.. so i have started planning my next trip for Jan 2003!
i thought we would not be going back for 2 or 3 yrs but just can't stand it.. i gotta go back..
Great Thread Starter.. Michelle
I play disney music and look at pictures nothing seems to help here either. Will be going in May. I can't wait. Planning your trip and being on these boards help alittle.:jester:
I'm sorry - there is no known cure. Once you've got it, it never goes away..... :)

(BTW - I went to WDW the first time when I was 3 have memories of it. Took my 2 yo DD last year for the first time and she asks every day when we can go back and ride Dumbo and see the fireworks.)
I'm right there too! We leave in 22 days, and it is all I can tihnk about! I'm constantly on these boards, or looking at the books, I'm even dreaming about it! I know I am way more excited than the kids, but they have no clue. Neither do I really, this will be my first trip too. I've already warned dh (who doesn't understand, but is starting to get excited in his own subdued way) to be prepared - when I see that castle for the first time, I know I'm going to cry! He said, don't you mean our dd will cry, and I said, nope, it'll be me! I cannot wait!!
This is bad. I just got back last Saturday and I wish I could go again! My sister is the same way. In September 2000 when my grandson was 2 1/2, he, my DS, DD-I-L, DH and myself went. In March 2001, my other DS and DD-I-L went with us. This trip last week was my sister, my sister-in-law and myself. Two of us are grandmas and the other is a grandma-wannabe. We had a blast -- just the three of us. We can't wait to go again, with or without kids, grandkids, hubbies!
OH MY !!!!!!!
We leave in 14 days and I got it bad! I can't eat I can't sleep I am soooo excited
If I could pack now I would .However I don't have enough clothes LOL. I was up till 2:00 am on these boards just trying to make sure I am not missing anything. My DS is 9 and DD is 2 and yes i am wayyy more excited than they DS has not even asked the famous question WHEN ARE WE LEAVING?
And yes everyone told me DD was too young but with Ds being 9 we weanted to go now .
We think that he is just the right age to let the magic begin. We have never been to the world.
So this will be great for all. I have been to the land in Callifornia several times but this is going to be way better! OKW here we come!
Man, I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one.... this is a serious
condition. Are you guys saying it NEVER goes away?

My 5 yo DD has it too. Bad. We went June 2001 when she was 4, and
she remembers EVERYTHING, I mean everything. She remembers
more than any of her siblings or parents. She can't stop talking
about our next trip (of course there's a next trip) in 35 days.

Is there a DA (Disneyholics Anonymous) out there?

I don't think I'm ready for it yet........ :p :bounce:
You guys who are going in a couple of days, think of me. We have gone in March for the last several years. This year I didn't think I should take DS out of school so I scheduled the trip in June. I'm going insane waiting! 99 more days. I can't take it! What will I do for the next 99 days?
DISNEY 4 US--- 150 days left,,,, Going for two weeks this summer. My 8 year daughter is a tower of terror expert.. Test track for me..... Driving this year, First time for the big drive from SW MO...... CBR99 ALLSTAR MOVIES FEB2001 ALLSTAR MUSIC Aug 2001.....
disfans3 -
Where in SW MO? I am in NW AR (near Eureka Springs). We have never driven.... let us know how that turns out!


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