Anyone ever fly Midwest Express??


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Jan 21, 2002
We decided to fly them this coming April, based on a news story we saw about them (on 20/20 or similar type of show). Was just wondering if anyone else has actually flown them. What is it like? Food? Comfort?
My nephew flies a lot for work and says Midwest Express is the BEST airline in every way.

They are pricey, tho.

I have flown Midwest Express many times!! You will be spoiled!! The food is great, you eat on real china,get fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The seats are great!! 2 across, big leather seats and you feel like you are in first class. Every time I have flown them the price was the same, sometimes less than the other airlines. If there was a 20 or 30 dollar difference, I would personally pay, it is worth it!!
We lucked out on price - free - using Hilton Honors points (akin to using frequent flyer miles).

We had originally booked the 04/2002 flight back in 07/2001. After 09/11/01 MWE (like other arlines) cancelled some flights ... including the 10:30 PM flight out of Los Angeles to Milwaukee. I panicked. Called them back in November or December and they rebooked us. The irony: what we couldn't do back in July legitimately, they are offering us now.

Originally we were flying Palm Springs to LAX to Milwaukee to Orlando (with a 4 AM to 8 AM layover in Orlando), leaving 04/04 evening and arriving Orlando 04/05 Noon.

Now we are flying 04/04 from Palm Springs to LAX to Milwaukee 04/04, they are footing up to $100 for a hotel and then 04/05 we fly Milwaukee to Orlando. If we'd tried to book this intentionally back in July, it would've been considered 2 separate roundtrips (PS to MKE then MKE to MCO). Now it's one trip, no extra HHonors points needed, and they pay for the hotel. Go figure. Same thing on the return flight, we leave 04/19 with overnite in Milwaukee and get home 04/20.

This is one time I really am looking forward to flying any airlines. Usually I feel like I'm being herded onto a cattle car or squeezed into a sardine can. This sounds like MWE will be sooooo much different.

We used ME in '00 into LAX and last month to MCO.
The meals had been scaled back but still is "the best care in the air." :)
Each flight includes champagne. We pass, but most ae very impressed with that alone. ;)
You can't go wrong with ME!
We have not used Midwest Express, but we have a good friend who does so frequently, and she LOVES them! She is always telling us how comfortable their seats are and how good the chocolate cookies are. :)
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One of the best aspects of living in Milwaukee is the fact that it is one of ME's headquarters! I would always pay more to fly them. Good for you that they are footing your hotel bill those nights. That sounds like a much more relaxing way to travel.


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