Anyone else watching the road to the Little League Series?


Old timer
Nov 3, 2000
I find these games really fun to watch. These kids are really giving it their all! Baseball at its purest. Now if they can just keep it that way and not have another blemish like Amonte again!
I love watching the Little League World Series too. I was really cheering for the Virginia team to win. I can't believe that the manager of the N.C. team let his pitcher throw over 130 pitches! That is way too much stress on a young arm. I'll be cheering for the winner of the New England Regionals in the World Series when they get to Williamsport :bounce:
We caught some of it tonight after DS played 3 little league games in a tournament today. We play again tomorrow in the semi finals.

It really is baseball at it's best.
Our town of Easley, SC is home to the "Big League World Series", the next age group up. We built a huge complex with 4 fields and lots of extras. It's really nice and so much fun when these kids come to town. The entire town gets all excited and we hold a parade. Tonight was the last night, but I'm not sure who won yet. I'll have to read it in Sunday's paper - too hot to go tonight.

Thanks for reminding me-isn't the game with the 2 Texas teams tonight? The LL World Series has been a "must see" for us ever since DH was President of LL in our former town and his "claim to fame" was that he was the first to get our town's LL to be part of that. While we were there, we never got to the state level even, but have to start somewhere!
Thanks for the reminder!
Had to go back a few pages to find this thread....we really enjoyed the game tonight: Hawaii vs Idaho. We weren't really rooting for one team or the other - it was just a good game (Hawaii won it by scoring in the 6th inning!)
I miss having a kid in LL!!


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