any success cancelling priceline? How did you do it?

I got stuck with the Best Inn on 192 for a September, 2000 trip. After reading SEVERAL very negative posts on the property I tried to cancel, citing my childrens' health (among other reasons) and they denied my request stating that, with all due respect, I should wait until I visit the hotel before jumping to conclusions. It was HORRIBLE! There was a cockroach the size of the palm of my hand in our room and we checked out early. I told the manager why we were checking out early and he didn't even flinch. I tried calling Priceline but I was on hold forever and no one even answered the line. I wrote them a letter but have never heard back from them.

If I remember correctly, the only reason they will even consider allowing a cancellation is in the event of a medical emergency which must be documented. Good luck!
The full size vehicle we bid on showed that the truck would hold 2 large and 3 small suitcases. I looked at the trunks of these cars and I don't know where they are getting this from. There is no way all that will fit in this trunk. Anyhow, dh used this guide on determining whether or not my scooter would fit (I need it for medical reasons). Needless to say it won't fit. I have contacted everyone I could at Priceline including a manager and was told to bad. The best they could do was tell me to ask for an upgrade at the counter when I arrived. I cannot take the chance at being stuck at the airport.


What rental company did you end up with? It is very possible that you could get an upgrade.
Hope it works out for you but Priceling deals are pretty much written in stone. :(

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but can't take the chance at not being guaranteed an upgrade and I'm sure it will be expensive. What agencies do you complain to in a case like this?

Which rental company did you get, and what have you been told is their selection of full size vehicles?

Full size vehicles can vary significantly by company, but the smallest vehicle I'm aware of considered full size by any of the five you could have gotten is the Chevy Malibu (Avis), but Avis has other vehicles available in the same class that are larger (Lumina, Impala, and in Orlando the Pontiac Aztec).

Hertz - Taurus (Accord and Camry in some cities)
Alamo - Buick Century, Lumina
Avis - Lumina, Impala, Malibu, Aztec (in Orlando)
National - Lumina
Budget - Tauru
This should be a lesson to everyone considering priceline! You should know exactly what you are getting into before you do your bidding, not after because then it is to late. They make no bones about it on the website that it is non-refundable for any reason. It seems to me that you did not do enough research before you did your bidding and now you are stuck. Have you asked priceline if they will let you not cancel but rebid for a larger car size? Good luck
Having used Priceline numerous times in the past. I knew what I was bidding on. The problem lies with the misrepresentation on their site regarding what fits in the trunk.

Although you can complain to the BBB and dispute the credit card charge in this case you don't have a lot of grounds. There is no standard size "large suitecase" and even if you had booked directly with Hertz you would have had the same problems. I had problems once when my families luggage wouldn't fit in my car, full size cars generally don't have large trunks anymore.
I suggest you ask Hertz for an upgrade. Research rates first and be prepared to pay the difference between current price and what you bid. ADA requires reasonable accomodations be made and allowing you to pay for an upgrade might be considered in that category. Priceline says if a hotel won't give you a handicapped room when needed they'll allow you to cancel.
If your car is through Hertz (which I see you did post previously in the subject and I missed), your best bet actually is to ask for a Taurus *wagon*.

These are actually booked in a different category than the standard fullsize (Taurus), but they do have them in Orlando, usually for similar prices, and you should be able to persuade them to give you such as your fullsize car.

I've rented the Taurus many times, and the trunks always were plenty big for our uses ... but your mileage may vary.
I cannot understand why you are blaming Priceline as misrepresenting their product when you posted here that your husband was at fault. He should know exactly what type of vehicle can accommodate your scooter. Priceline did not make up the suitcase information. Check Hertz's website. It shows the same thing as Priceline's website. This is a rental car industry standard.

Please, for those of us who read and agree to the rules and want Priceline to stick around, accept the fact that your husband is at fault here, not Priceline.

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<IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> I agree with TravelSheryl this is not pricelines fault but your own. If priceline makes an exception for you why not just make it for everyone. I do not think they would be in business much longer!!
Just a friendly reminder to "play nice".

Let's concentrate on finding the best possible solutions and not whose fault it may or may not be, ok?

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Yes, I posted that my husband rented the full size car, never denied it. As much as I wasn't thrilled with the price he paid, I certainly would not attempt to cancel because of that. As I stated before, going by the Priceline site my dh determined that yes, the scooter would fit. After seeing the trunk of a full size car I realized that there wasn't any way their sizing was correct. The majority of the trunks (yes, I checked)not only are smaller than advertised, but have arms on both sideds of the trunk that when they close will squash anything underneath them. I doubt that most of you, and I pray that it be true, will never have to worry about crating a scooter with you just to enjoy your vacation with your family. Nor do I hope you ever have to pay the several thousand dollars that they cost. I am shocked but not surprised by the unfriendly responses. I've lurked for years before posting, now I know why I waited.

I hope that everyone enjoys their vacations.

Hi Vonda!

I truly hope that you do not back away from posting because of what you perceive as negativity. I am sure that you realize that oftentimes HOW people post does not come across quite as they MEAN it. 99% of those who post here are genuinely nice people who want to help others.
I hope that you get your situation with your rental car resolved to your satisfaction...


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This won't help in your case, but just wanted to let everyone know that it is possible. We had booked airfare through priceline. I'd say we had our tickets for two to three months. I found out I was pregnant, and I was not allowed to go. My doctor had to write Priceline a letter and FAX it to them. We had absolutely not problems canceling. They have very strict rules at priceline, but understand medical problems.


My husband drives on of these and the area in back is fairly large. If the handlebars on your scooter fold down it should fit. I fit our lawnmower in the trunk with the handle folded down. If you want I can measure the opening when he gets home from work. also the back seat will split and you can fold down just one side if you wish. good Luck!


I'm sorry that you thought that people were being negative to you. I didn't really read any negativity in any of the posts here. Perhaps not a whole lot of sympathy in a couple, but IMO those posts were correct. You should have known what size car you really needed for your scooter. PL is up-front about the agencies they work with a little research into what equipment each agency provides would have gone a long way.

FWIW, I travel to WDW with my mother and MIL and both rent scooters while down there. We always make sure that we get a mini-van since it's so much easier getting a scooter in and out of one.

Now for some solutions :). Have you tried calling Hertz? I would call the toll-free line and ask them what size car holds a scooter. If they say "full-size" then I think you're on solid ground to get a car that's big enough to hold your scooter. I would also contact the MCO Hertz office directly and tell them that you will be bringing along a scooter and if they could assign you a car that's big enough in advance. One more attempt with PL might also be worth it. They may be willing to allow you to cancel your reservation if you are successful at getting a larger car with them. Lastly, I would make another reservation for a bigger car somewhere. Most reservations do not require a deposit and you'll have a back-up car if Hertz doesn't come through for you.

Good luck! I really hope things work out for you.

-- Robin
Every since we traveled to Salt Lake City on Delta, and found the plane that the plane was oversold. There was a family ahead of us in line that had bought their tickets on priceline. Instead of getting 'Y' class tickets, their tickets were 'bumpable'. They were garranteed to get back home, but according to the fine print in their contract with priceline, they could have to wait up to 24 (or 48?) hours.

We had used (owned by Microsoft) and paid EXACTLY what they did, and we had 'Y' class tickets. I felt very sorry for them, but I have never had an issue with expedia. I can cancel my tickets, or change them without a problem.

For what it's worth, has been the most consistent and best site I have used.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>There was a family ahead of us in line that had bought their tickets on priceline. Instead of getting 'Y' class tickets, their tickets were 'bumpable'. They were garranteed to get back home, but according to the fine print in their contract with priceline, they could have to wait up to 24 (or 48?) hours.[/quote]

Well ... I don't know what fine print you're talking about since I just looked at the fine print for my last PL flight and saw nothing of the kind. Out of curiosiy ... what airline was it? Every airline makes it's own rules on bumping, but I would be surprised that they would make a passenger with a confirmed seat wait 24 or 48 hours to get out. It's always worthwhile to carry a copy of the airline's policies with you so you know your rights.

Here is a site that has all the different airline class codes:
Airline Class Codes. I'm sure I could have found a better one, but it makes my point that if you had a discounted fare (like from PL or even an airline's own discounted fare) you would not get a "Y" fare. My last flight was in class "L".

-- Robin


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