*Any Info on DIS CON 3, or 2 or WHATEVER # IT IS!!**


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Jul 27, 2000
With the boards down and all, I thought I might have missed something!:rolleyes: I WILL be leaving in 9 days to go to the WORLD, so I hope info will come out AFTER I get back, or maybe before!?:confused: Thanks! Faith.
Faith, I hope you are talking about DIS CON 2 and not 3! LOL...No, I seriously doubt there is any information available about Dis Con 3, but hey, who knows...Maybe Marsha can clarify for us?? :)

By the way, have a great trip!! :)
Poohbear...hey how are you?

I know one of the things that Linda and Marsha had discussed in one of the chats with us is the possibilty of hacing a DIS Con cruise. It came up as a possibilty for DIS Con 3!!! Wouldn't that be so cool? I am sure though that DIS Con 2 is what they are putting all their effort into now.
Oh, I thought this WAS DIS CON 3 as I thought you all met up twice already, sorry. I am looking for INFO on DEC 4 thru the 8th DIS CON this YEAR 2002! ;) Not the cruise one, sorry! So, ANY INFO YET, as I am LEAVE-ING in 5 days!! Don't have info out and I MISS it please, like I did LAST year!!:eek:

Nothing yet Faith.....have a wonderful vacation....hopefully by the time you get back, we will know a little more.. You have not missed anything yet... Take care.
Thanks, I will, by the way................4 MORE DAYS!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: NO INFO YET???:confused:
Actually Faith with the server issues we are dealing with..I think we will be waiting a while longer for news on Dis Con 2.. Have a wonderful time on your trip....

Okay, I am NOT going to obcess about it anymore!:rolleyes: When you have info, I will get it than!:D Thanks, 2 more days till I GO!:bounce:


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