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  1. amandaC

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    Aug 9, 2003
    1. If I have an annual pass and I'm in US before closing- that allows me to go to the Stay and Scream area, yes? (provided I have my HHN ticket of course.)

    2. I'm going with my boys (yes, I'm the one who asked about a 12 yr old.) We are staying onsite 10/6-11. I thought I would get us the rush of fear tickets. That way, we can go as often as we like that weekend. Will that allow us to see a lot? Or do I need to add the express passes? I'm hesitant to add them- I won't be too upset wasting $150 for the 3 of us if the boys find it too scary and we only go one night. But it would kill be to blow almost $500. :scared1:

  2. Metro West

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    Apr 12, 2005
    1.) are correct. If you're in the park prior to closing and have a valid HHN ticket for that night, you can stay.

    2.) HHN EPs are definitely useful since some waits can exceed two hours. If you do S & S and will be coming back several nights, I wouldn't buy them but you can go the first night and see what the lines are like and then buy them the second night if you wanted.
  3. jackieinJuneau

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    Jan 7, 2011
    I am taking my 3 younger bothers to HHN and Howl-O-Scream and I got the express type passes for each event because we are only going to be there for one night each and if we want to see everything we need them. If I was going for a weekend I wouldn't because of having more time. But I have heard that aside from the price the scariest part of HHN is the lines:rotfl:
  4. macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    for what i pay out for my trip, i go to as many hhn nights as i can.
    this year will hit 5 nights.

    i did buy the rof w/ep this year.
    each year i buy the epp for each night i attend.
    it's like car insurance, you have it in case you need it.

    i see you are going on some of the nights i will be there.
    also staying onsite.
    thursday the 6th should not be bad for lines.
    friday the 7th and saturday the 8th, there will be lines for the houses.
    the epp will be worth its weight in gold.
    sunday the 9th won't be bad for the begining of the event but will have long lines later in the evening.
    again, money well spent for that night if you go with the rof w/epp.

    on the other hand, it is a lot of money to drop if the boys are not into it.
    thursday you will do fine for crowds.
    the other 3 nights, you won't unless it rains all evening.

    you can do the head start by doing the s & s at 5:00.
    you can knock off 3 houses right away.
    you'll be ahead of the general crowds for the next 2 or 3 houses.
    don't use the epp for the houses you first go thru.
    use the passes once the lines are 20-5 minutes long.

    in past years, the epp also allowed for some of the rides.

    hopefully, all will enjoy the event and want to return the next 3 nights you are there.
    if the crowds are getting too much, use the epp right away and finish the event early for the following nights.
    do catch bill and teds, you'll love it.

    if you don't want to buy the epp for all, it won't or shouldn't be a problem for thursday night.
    if you find the lines long on friday, you can always buy the epp at guest services that night.
    or, go on fri/sat/sun without the epp, do stay and scream, do a few of the houses you loved the most then leave the park early.
    that way you will save money and still be able to do some of the houses the next nights...

    yea, especially if peeps around you are drunk or creating spawns....

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