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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by ppoe65, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I know there are alot of threads on whether the DDP/DxDDP is worth it or not. We recently did a 8 night trip on the DDP and I kept all receipts and we came out ahead. There are 6 of us Me, DW, DS15, DD13, DD9 and DS4.

    We are thinking of doing the DxDDP on our next trip because DW and I aren't to keen on the CS meals. Anyway, we thought that a sit down breakfast and a signature/dinner show dinner would be great. As others have said, we can snack between meals if need to. Many have said it is well worth it, but do they have children and what age are the children.. If the kids were younger it would be no brainer. What's holding me back is the cost,almost $3400. There will be 5 disney adults and 1 child. That's alot of $$. The regular plan is only $1900 for the 8 nights.

    Our other option in TIW and oop. I like knowing the meals are paid for, but ...

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    It really depends on the kids and their eating habits.

    My kids are 12, 9, and 2. DS12 is a big eater and very adventurous (and expensive - sushi and lobster are his favorite foods), so I don't mind paying adult prices for him on the DxDDP. We get more "money's worth" out of him than out of me - I sometimes skip dessert, while he's a bottomless pit that eats all three courses every time.

    My DD9, on the other hand, eats like a bird. She's adventurous enough, though pickier than my son, but has a small appetite and is no where near able to finish an adult entree, much less three courses. Plus she still likes having the "safe" kids meal to fall back on if she doesn't care for the adult options. Right now, that works out okay because she has a little of my food and a little of her kids' meal, and the baby finishes off the kids meal. We're really going to have to think about whether we'll continue getting a dining plan once she's a Disney adult.

    DD2 will probably end up being the deciding factor, because right now she eats almost as much as DD9 and enjoys as wide a variety of foods as her brother. So we may try a trip where the two girls share their two meals, one child/one adult, so that DD9 still has the "safe" fall-back and DD2 isn't stuck with kids' menu choices.

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