Another Brit in Orlando Part 4

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    <B>Wednesday Part 5 Blizzard Beach</B>

    Me – 37, using Disney to combat a mid life crisis!!
    DW – Theresa, someone has to put up with me
    DD1 – Emma 12, not quite a teenager but may as well be
    DD2 – Lisa 8, Butter wouldn’t melt.

    We had changed our plan again and instead of going to KSC we were going to go to BB and do some shopping later in the day.
    We set the wakeup call for 8am and Mickey didn’t disappoint, at 8 on the dot Mickey was singing that now familiar song to bring us out of a slumber.
    We had decided to eat in the food court this morning, egg and bacon platters all round, about $20 for the 4 of us, the food was OK but not a patch on the Ponderosa offerings.

    Back to the room to get our swim stuff, then we went through our usual routine of getting halfway to the car and Theresa remembering that she’d forgotten something.
    Everything retrieved we made it to Blizzard Beach by 9:50, Just in time to join the small queue for the security checks. Just before 10:00 and we were in and heading for the lockers. Lisa needed some new goggles so we stopped off at the first shop and bought some hologram dolphin ones. These look really weird but Lisa likes them.

    Lisa and I already had our swim stuff on, Emma and Theresa went off to the changing room to change, I hire a small locker and dump our clothes.

    This was the first time we’d been to BB and I’d done no pre planning, most unlike me. A quick look at the map and we headed for the Main Pool area, here we found some seats and claimed our spot. We had brought some towels from the Hotel and judging by the sea of white towels so had everyone else.
    The kids went straight off to the main pool whilst Theresa and I soaked up some of the morning sun.
    A while later we all went for a stroll to see what the park had to offer.
    Blizzard Beach is a wonderful park, it has something to offer around every corner. The imagineers have excelled themselves here, an alpine ski resort in the middle of Florida, who’d have thought it! Everywhere is covered in snow and ice but the temperature is in the 80’s. Everything is cantered on Mount Gushmore, a tall snow capped mountain in the middle of the park. All the main slides are on the sides of this mountain. The mountain can be scaled by several sets of steps or for the more unfit of us there is a chairlift to the top. The chairlift looks just like the lifts you would find in any self respecting ski resort, there is even a set of skis that appear under your feet as the chair starts its journey to the top. When you glance down at your feet, it looks as though you are wearing skis.

    We made the unwise decision to climb the mountain using the steps. How many steps? Surely there can’t be many more! I have to keep reminding myself that this is a holiday and not some form of punishment! Are we at the top yet? I then made the mistake of commenting how good the views were. This may not have been the wisest thing to utter at this precise moment. I came to this conclusion as Theresa had burst into a full stream “Whos ***** idea was this, I’ll get you back” etc etc
    Eventually we made it to the top, the views are absolutely fabulous we can see the whole park and most of the surrounding Hotels and parks.

    We head straight for the Family Raft Ride, the path splits here Raft ride to the right and the ‘lets commit suicide’ slides to the left. I took one look at Slush Gusher, a near vertical as makes no difference slide to the depths of the earth and though the only way you’d get me on that is….. then realised I couldn’t think of one sane or even insane way to get me on it. Just at that moment the kids asked if I was going on it, my reply, maybe later!!

    We join the very short queue for the raft ride and are soon trying to negotiate the moving conveyor belt that you walk on prior to getting into the raft. We are all in the raft now and the conveyor belt has come to it’s end and we are dumped over the edge and we are accelerating down the slippery wet tube, I’m sure the raft is going to overturn on some of the tighter turns, but hey I can take it, it’s the kids I’m thinking of, honest. This is a long ride and worth the climb up the steps, although I’ll refrain from uttering that particular thought to Theresa.
    We exit the raft and we decide to do it again, but this time we’ll take the chairlift to the top.
    A quick walk to the entrance of the chairlift and we are soon back to the top. Another glance at the suicide slides, maybe later, NOT.
    Back on the raft ride for another exhilarating decent to the bottom of the mountain. This slide is much much better than the one at Typhoon Lagoon, and you don’t have to carry your raft to the top as you do at Typhoon Lagoon.

    We now head for a landing spot on the Cross Country Creek. A while later and we have acquired our tubes, the kids are in fits of laughter as I get dunked several times whilst trying to get into the tubes. There is a knack to this and I’ve discovered that I don’t have it! A couple of circuits around the creek then we exit and make our way to our chairs. The kids head for the pool again whilst we soak up some sun.

    We decide to get something to eat and whilst in the queue for food the sky goes dark and then the heavens open and it’s just like being at home, rain and more rain. Normally we would have stayed but as we were going shopping later, we decided to call it a day at BB. We paddle our way back to our chairs to gather our now very wet belongings.
    We retrieve our stuff from the locker and exit the park.
    We arrive back at ASMo at 13:30. a quick change and then we head for Jungle Jims for some much needed energy intake.
    After Jungle Jims we give the plastic some exercise as we shop around the Buena Vista Factory Outlets.

    After the shopping spree we go back to ASMo and have a quiet night by the pool.

    Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom.

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