Annual Passes


Sep 5, 2001
My wife and I have just bought ino the DVC and plan on travelling at least once a year to WDW . From looking around it would appear that our best bet would be to purchase AP's especially if we stagger our visits so we effectively make two visits of approx 14 days each in the twelve month period. Does this make sense and if so can anyone give any info on how we go about buying the AP's and in particular when they are activated is this the first point of entry into a park or day of purchase? Finally what exactly is covered by the passes is it just the parks or what? Thanks in advance. We are in England. Sorry Ps My daughter will be just short of 2 on our first trip in September will she need any sort of ticket?
Your daughter will not need any admission media. Children under 3 are admitted free.

As for the AP's, may I suggest you read the AP information page on Deb's website. I think that will answer most of your questions.
We are DVC members, and the method you describe is exactly what we (and many others) do. If you purchase a new AP at a Disney Store (or by mail), you'll get a voucher, that will be activated on the first day you use it. If you purchase it at WDW, it begins on the day of purchase. A regular AP covers just the four main theme parks. You can also purchase a Premium AP that also covers the water parks, and I believe Pleasure Island - we've never done this, as we typically don't travel during the best times to go to a water park.

Your daughter will not need a ticket until she is three.

That is how we do it and usually manage three trips on the annuals. Really makes it worthwhile.
Thanks for the info, it would appear to be very clear that the annual passes will work for us, thanks again.


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