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Feb 4, 2001
how many days stay does it take to make the annual pass worth buying? what i mean is--if i go to disney for 7 days and plan to only do disney then is is smarter to get an annual pass or a park hopper? and also what is the discount percentage for the resorts with the annual pass? thank you so much!


I just checked the Birnbaum book for prices. It looks like a AP is about $30.00 more than the 7 day park hopper plus. With the park hooper plus for 7 days you get four plus options, which includes the water parks, PI and Wide World of Sports. The annual pass does not include these unless you get a premium annual pass. But if you are not going to any of these and you plan to make a trip back within a yaer the annual pass sounds good. The Resort rate discount varies from 0% to 45% depending on season and availability. Hope this helps.

Break-even point for the regular AP is 8 days. Break-even point for the premium AP is a little more than 10 days. This does not account for any discounts you might receive on room rates with the AP.


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If you have an AP and happen to get a good deal on airfare (sale or FF tickets) and/or get an exceptional resort discount you are much more likely to book an extra long weekend trip since you have already bought the passes.
Okay, Need someone with experience who is a little bit removed from the issue as I'm starting to see stars..or is that dollar signs.

I am a florida resident, in the military, currently stationed out of the state(IN DC). Will be going to WDW, staying at FW cabins at the end of Aug.

What's better: buying the 5 day PH+ before we go, or purchasing a seasonal AP with an additional 1 day at a water park when we get there. I am also a DC member.
I have a florida license, but since I had to renew it while stationed out of the state, they put my current address(non-FLA) on it.

I've heard 8 days as break even for a regular AP. If you can make more than one trip in the year get the AP and go twice. It almost makes a second trip affordable..

woody62798 - I'm not sure which type of pass will work best for you - however, look into getting them at Shades of Green. This used to be the Disney Inn but is now a US Military recreation facility. The Stars and Stripes passes they sell are a better deal than you can get with DC or other discounts. Not sure how you booked your hotel, but SOG can book "overflow" reservations at Disney hotels at better prices than you will find anywhere else. Might be worth a call if you didn't book thru them. Call their reservations number and tell them you want to make a reservation in an "overflow hotel", tell them your dates, and they will let you know what they have. Good luck.
woody62798, if you have any kind of proof of FL residency (utility bill, etc) your best deal would be the Play 4 Days pass, which is equivalent to a 4-day Hopper pass (except it expires 9/30) but costs only $99. It's only available to FL residents. This pass might also get you a discount on your accommodations.

Here's the full info, including what Disney will accept as ID:

Thanks everyone: We did look at shades of green, but they were booked and only offered overflow for regular style rooms. We used one of the "codes" and got a great deal on the FW cabins. (149/nite)

I also checked thier LOS passes and they were pretty much in line with what I can get from my local base.

I checked the mousesavers site and all they say is a FLA drivers lic, which I have, it just has a VA address on it... don't know how exacting the ticket sellers are!

If anyone else has any thoughts, I'd appreciate them.
woody62798, if you go back to the link I posted and look again, there are five or six different ways of proving FL residency, including utility bills and military ID. If you are a FL resident, you should have one of the items listed.

I do have a Fla drivers license, but like I said it has a VA address, but unlike the FLA state ID Card, there is nothing about the license needing an FLA address and I do have a "MIL ID Crad", but I'm not sure how they would define a "FLA based MIL ID Card".

I sent off a similar question to disney itself , but have heard nothing back from them.
wahoo, probably only if you are paying the utility bills. Then you could show a bill as ID. :D

woody62798, I finally understand what you were saying. Yes, that is a little confusing, isn't it? I think you will have to get an opinion from Disney. Seems as if a FL drivers license should work regardless of the address on it, but who knows...


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