Annoying commercials


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May 24, 2016
LOL, I think he’s kinda hot. :rolleyes:

The “We are Farmers” jingle really annoys me.

Also, I agree about prescription drug ads, where they rattle off the list of side effects at the end, in like 5 seconds.

And all negative campaign ads around election time. :headache:
Yeah but Farmers gets points from me for having such a terrific actor as their spokesperson. I do agree about the drug commercials though. Absolutely despise those and I always think that the side effects seem worse than the actual disease the drug is suppose to treat. Another one is the Progressive ad with the guy on the motorcycle who runs right into a duck who lands on his face and then eventually he sees an ostrich in the road and heads right for it. That commercial is very sick IMO!
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Apr 8, 2011
The old lady who is boxing, in fact I hate it so much I emailed Walgreens and asked them for the sake of humanity would the remove the commercial


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