American & United - A or B Side?

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  1. My little sister is flying in on United whereas my family is flying in on American. Trying to meet up at the airport. Do you know if these airlines are in the concourse?

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    Aug 24, 1999
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    A good place to meet in the middle is The Shipyard Brew Works. Nice bar and because it's so open, you can keep an eye out for your arriving party.
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    Halfway in between is really not that far from A or B.

    The MCO main terminal is like a long rectangle where one long side is A and the other long side is B. From the start of A to the end of A is a lot longer than crossing from A to B.

    The low numbered gates (1-29) are near the end with the stores, the high numbered gates are at the end with the Hyatt hotel.

    A good place to meet people is the high ceilinged area that the Hyatt hotel rooms overlook. There are chairs and benches, and at least one TV viewing area there. Within this area you really should not have too much of a problem meeting up with everyone, you could just say something like "way on the A side" or "between B and the middle" etc.
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