Aloha! More beef please! Day Eight

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    Feb 5, 2001
    After another morning of sleeping in, we were off to Downtown Disney. I should mention that we brought breakfast food from home so we always ate breakfast in our room. I'm sure that saved us a lot of money! When we first arrived at DD, we stopped to watch a couple little boys playing in the water fountains. Suddenly one little the urge to go to the bathroom and decided it was entirely too much work to actually go into a restroom! His mother squealed with embarrassment and marched her son to the restroom. It was pretty amusing!

    We had fun wandering through the various stores including the Christmas store. What gorgeous stuff they have in there. We went to the new Once Upon a Toy store. Pretty nice. We ended up buying a little stuffed Tigger for a friend of ours. We still have a "plus" feature on our old parhopper passes, but we decided not to do Pleasure Island on this trip. We'll save it for another. However, I at least wanted to wander through PI in the day and go to the Westside. We enjoyed wandering around and reading menus as we went. We were trying to decide what restaurants to try on future trips. I've never seen Cirque du Soleil in person before (just in an imax film) so we'd like to do that on some trip too. The joys of being on a budget!

    We walked back to DD and decided to take the pontoon boatride to Old Key West. What an enjoyable ride. It took about 20 minutes but you go by some villas. We'd definitely like to do this again. We briefly explores OKW. We're looking into the Disney Vacation Club so we did have interest in the resort. We took the bus back to our resort for a quick swim and change.

    We had made PS seating for O'Hana's that night! This was our "slpurge" of the trip. I ordered my pina colada and I was in heaven! Our table had a great view of Cinderella's Castle. The food was just incredible! They had terrific entertainment for kids including hoola hoops and brooms. I was completely stuffed after this meal but it was worth it. When they kept coming around with incredibly seasoned beef, shrimp, chicken & pork, I just couldn't resist!!! Dessert included melon and this caramel dipping sauce. WOW! I had tea with my dessert and decided to put some of the caramel in my tea. Again I say.......WOW! What a treat. We were so glad we gave O'Hana's a try. It was just what we hoped!

    We purposely made our PS so that we could watch the water parade afterwards, but there was quite a rain shower that night. There was lightning too so the parade was cancelled. We were a little disappointed, but the O'Hana's experience as a whole was well worth the trip. We just went back to the hotel and relaxed.
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    Oh a favorite pass time of mine - shopping in the world - a nice relaxing day - thanks for posting!

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