Almost 18-year-old at Common Grounds?


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Nov 6, 2000
On our June 29th Magic cruise, I will be a month away from turning 18. Most of the teen activities do not look like too much fun to me, and the thought of hanging out with counselors and much younger teens doesn't really appeal to me. Would it be wise to sign up at Common Grounds anyway, just to use the computers and games and such, even if I didn't participate in many of the group activities? And does anyone know how many older teens are usually in that area, or is it mostly younger ones?
When we sailed last September my daughter was 18, turning 19 in December. I went up during registration to Common Grounds and inquired about allowing her into the program. They were more than happy to have her! I do also know some 19 year olds who have done the same thing. There are quite a few in the older teen age groups so you will find friends your own age. They also use CG to meet up at and sometimes go to the movies, play basketball, go swimming, etc. I would recommend checking it out at least. You may really enjoy it like my daughters did! :)
I have the opposite question of Amy' DD are almost 15 (3/21) and 13 (4/2) and we will be cruising on 3/2. Will the almost 13 year old be too young for the Common Grounds. As we all know there is a big difference between 13 and 17. Are they well chaperoned? Thanks

first of all they have some activities that are specifically geared to the various age groups (e.g., only the 13 and 14year olds, or only the 15 year olds...etc)...
my kids, 15 and one month short of 18, are really looking forward to hanging out with kids their own age...
we've been told there'll be lots of kids their age...
my daughter (the almost 18 year old) has been dreaming about this trip for almost a year...
she can't wait to meet new kids her age from all over....
when she told her friends about the cruise they all said it sounds like a dream come true..
i hope she's not disappointed....but i don't see how she will be...
too many great things to do....
by the way, she's planning on signing up for the teens' wild adventure on castaway cay....(the biking, kayaking, snorkeling adventure for teens)...
Disneyholic, thanks for the info, my kids are so excited about going! They can't wait to make new friends and try new things. They've already informed us they might be too busy to see us much on the cruise! When are you going? Have a great day
You can certainly speak to the counselors at CG and see if they have space available for your almost 13 year old. The range from 13 to 17 and in some cases up to 19 years of age, is a wide one. Be aware that they do not split the teens into separate age groups. All activites are for all teens.

It will be up to your teens how much they choose to participate. Some love it, some pick and choose activities,and some stick to the movies, group dances, etc. I would not consider them "well chaperoned". In fact on my second cruise there was an issue with illegal drugs on board ship that my daughter happened to witness. So please be aware that it is much the same as at home. There can be good and/or bad anywhere you travel, and if your teens are like mine, you should really not have to worry much!

Carol, thanks for the's so true that its important to be aware of what is going on. My almost 13 year old is a really good kid and I think she actually would be happier in the 9-12 group, however she has it in her mind that it will be cooler to be in the other group and to have her sister there with her. Both of my kids really are pretty good....they sometimes drive me to otherwise know right from wrong (or maybe my rose color glasses want me to believe that!). Even good kids make wrong decisions when with their peer group and that's always going to be that way. Take Care
We took our daughter, 18, with 2 of her best girlfriends on the 7-day cruise last April. They had their own inside cabin across the hall from my cabin.. They signed up at Common Grounds and met 3 boys that they still e-mail to this day, even though they are all at different colleges now. ..They all had a ball, and did a lot with kids they met on the ship. They even had their own dining table, so we didn't see them much. You'll meet plenty of kids. The highlight of my daughter's trip was staying up all night with these new friends watching the sun rise...don't think they got to bed that night. They also went off on their own to beaches in St. Thomas and St. Maarten, taking cabs and busses...They were really bummed out on the plane trip home...they still talk about that trip. Even if you're not bringing anyone with you, you'll still meet loads of kids your age, and should have a great time.


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