Allegiant Air out of Sanford?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mickeyluv, Oct 21, 2007.

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    We are flying into Sanford via Allegiant Air for our 1st Disney (or otherwise) cruise in Nov. Allegiant Air called last week and left a message on our answering machine that said our flight back has changed and that we would be flying back at 12 noon instead of 2:10pm. I know that when you fly you should get to the Airport about 2 hours ahead of time but being that the Sanford Airport is a lot smaller than MCO and some of the other bigger airports, I'm wondering what time we should get to the airport for out flight home if it departs at 12:00pm. We'll be at CSR because we're going to MVMCP and we are not going to want to leave until we absolutely have to, you know what I mean? So I'm hoping that you guys are going to tell me that if we get there by 11:00am for a 12:00pm departure time we'll be okay!:goodvibes
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    My gosh, this is a tough one for me. Having worked in the industry for years, and having had told THOUSANDS of people to arrive 2 hours (min) early for their flights, I am torn.

    I have flown into Sanford, and tightly I might add. We had 11:30AM flights after cruising, and had NO problems making it twice...Anything can happen to delay you, so it is a tight situation..

    I would do it however, but I am a gambling woman ;)
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    You need to leave for Sanford 2 1/2 hours before your flight time. It is roughly an hours drive. Anything closer than that there is a high probability you won't make your flight.

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